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November 14, 1977 | Volume 47, Issue 20

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated November 14, 1977

November 14, 1977 | Michael R. Sesit
On Sept. 24 Oklahoma defeated Ohio State 29-28 in an exciting football game that exhibited balanced competition between two institutions with similar attitudes toward intercollegiate athletics....

November 14, 1977 | Sam Moses
Ricky Rudd wants NASCAR's rookie award, not just because it sounds nice

November 14, 1977 | Bil Gilbert

November 14, 1977 | Bil Gilbert
Vicksburg High School's elation is tempered by harsh defeat, some anti-football sentiment is heard, and the seniors, joining the legion of ex-football players, savor the season past.

November 14, 1977 | Jonathan Yardley
The best pages of one of our best sports books involved a beefy pro football player who had a manic gift of gab and a heightened sense of life's absurdities. The book was George, Plimpton's Paper...

November 14, 1977
19—Drawing by SQW28—Mundo Color29—Detective Guy Peter-Nassau County Police Racket Squad30, 31—Mundo Color (top left), Tony Triolo (3)36, 37—Neil Leifer, John Iacono (right)38—Neil Leifer46—Manny...

November 14, 1977
HOWARD GUNNING and SCOTT MILLERENID, OKLA.Playing for the Pizza Inn Pirates in the YMCA league, Howard and Scott, both nine and fourth graders at Glenwood Elementary, led their football team to an...

November 14, 1977
PRO BASKETBALL—A glance at the standings in the NBA makes one wonder if they haven't been turned upside down. Atlanta, which played .378 ball in 1976 and finished in last place, 18 games out, has...

November 14, 1977 | Edited by Gay Flood
BILL BRADLEY'S GAMESir:Bill Bradley's article on what it takes to build a true team (You Can't Buy Heart, Oct. 31) was the best I have ever read in your magazine. Bradley was my favorite player...

November 14, 1977 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle

November 14, 1977 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle
•Bert Jones, Baltimore Colts quarterback, on his career after football: "I'd like to be an entrepreneur. They threw that word about in economics and I always wondered what it meant."

November 14, 1977 | William Leggett

November 14, 1977
THE JUNIOR CIRCUIT—the American Football Conference, that is—has beaten the haughty old NFC in six of the last seven Super Bowl games and is dominating the NFC in interconference games this...

November 14, 1977 | Ron Reid
After Cincinnati upset Cleveland, the NFL's toughest division had the tightest race, the Browns leading their three AFC rivals by a game

November 14, 1977 | Walter Bingham
Billie Jean King had won three straight tournaments, but once again her nemesis was Chris Evert, who beat her to win the Colgate

November 14, 1977 | Pat Putnam
For 15 furious rounds it could have gone either way, and often did, but the vote for Ken Norton over Jimmy Young was what counted in the end

November 14, 1977 | John Underwood

November 14, 1977 | Sarah Pileggi

November 14, 1977 | William F. Reed
A couple of huge high school teammates are leading the Wildcats on a rampage

November 14, 1977 | Herman Weiskopf

November 14, 1977 | Herman Weiskopf
OFFENSE: Art Monk, a 6'2", 201-pound sophomore running back for Syracuse, latched onto 14 passes—an NCAA high this season—gained 188 yards and scored two touchdowns as the Orange upset Navy 45-34.

November 14, 1977 | Peter Gammons
Former Catcher Haywood Sullivan and ex-Trainer Buddy LeRoux thought they were in as Red Sox owners, but a suit and skeptics semi-shattered their dream

November 14, 1977 | Jerry Kirshenbaum
Charlie Criss, the NBA's littlest man, soars high with the surprising Hawks

November 14, 1977 | William Oscar Johnson