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March 27, 1978 | Volume 48, Issue 14

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Jack Nicklaus Cover - Sports Illustrated March 27, 1978

March 27, 1978 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle

March 27, 1978 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle
•Guy Lewis, University of Houston basketball coach, after a 100-77 loss to Notre Dame: "The only good thing about it was, if there were any recruits looking in, they know we need help."

March 27, 1978 | Dan Jenkins
Aroused by the challenge of Tom Watson, Jack Nicklaus has outdone even himself in his last four tournaments, finishing second, first, second and now first again at Sawgrass

March 27, 1978 | Walter Bingham
To the casual eye, he is still the golden boy who turned Oakmont inside out with a closing 63 five years ago to become the U.S. Open champion and then went on to win a dozen more tournaments and...

March 27, 1978 | Kenny Moore
The Avon International Women's Marathon attracted a field of 186 to prove who is the best in the world and—perhaps more important—to prove something to the world

March 27, 1978 | Larry Keith
The NCAA regional champs, Kentucky, Arkansas, Notre Dame and Duke, are all so powerful that any one of them could finish up not singing the St. Louis Blues

March 27, 1978 | Joe Jares
There are 28 public universities in California—a UC-Santa Cruz here, a Cal State-Stanislaus there. Last week, abetted by red carnations and rowdy fans, one of the least known of the 28 clawed its...

March 27, 1978
Using its noodle, the International Tennis Federation is studying the interdicted spaghetti racket, which, J. D. Reed reports, has given rise to antipasta and propasta factions. A decision on...

March 27, 1978 | Kent Hannon
A couple of distinguished coaching careers passed in the night during last week's Midwest Regional in Lawrence, Kans., as 64-year-old Ray Meyer saw perhaps his last fine DePaul team knocked out of...

March 27, 1978 | Bruce Newman
It was close, but in the end nobody died or anything, because just when the anemic East Regional looked as if it might expire right there in the Providence Civic Center from ennui or some other...

March 27, 1978 | Frank Deford

March 27, 1978 | Clive Gammon

March 27, 1978 | J. D. Reed
Pelé is gone, but Peter Frampton and six new teams are on hand as the NASL season opens on a key word: momentum

March 27, 1978

March 27, 1978 | John A. Meyers
When Sarah Pileggi, whose article on Evonne Goolagong's victory over Chris Evert begins on page 24, became a staff writer four years ago, golf was the sport she knew and loved best. "It always...

March 27, 1978 | Douglas S. Looney
Cheyney State leaves 'em cold at home, but the Wolves were hot in Springfield

March 27, 1978 | Rick Telander
Perhaps destiny decreed that of the 32 teams assembled in Kansas City last week for the NAIA national championship, the two known as the Antelopes should meet in the finals. Certainly an antelope...

March 27, 1978 | Sarah Pileggi
Evonne Goolagong, who has been back longer, came farther, beating Chris Evert, who reached the finals in Boston although she hadn't played in four months

March 27, 1978 | Pat Putnam
Everybody wants control of his brother, says Michael, and the champ is a wreck

March 27, 1978 | Herman Weiskopf
The Hawkeyes won the NCAA title over Iowa State the hard way: they didn't have an individual champion and some of their wrestlers struggled to make weight

March 27, 1978 | Julie Lamb
Bird books are as scarce as, well, hen's teeth on best-seller lists, although a few years ago a small tour de force about an introspective seagull made it. And this year, perched on the paperback...

March 27, 1978 | William Leggett
In his first major test of the 3-year-old season, Affirmed ran a puzzling race, but as philosophical Laz Barrera said, "Today we just lace up the gloves and spar"

March 27, 1978 | Bil Gilbert
It's the pleasure of tapping maples, picking poke, making the pawpaw connection: in fact, like a quarterback, taking what's given you

March 27, 1978
COLLEGE BASKETBALL—MONTCLAIR STATE'S women's team beat Queens 75-60, MARYLAND defeated Southern Connecticut State 93-63, WAYLAND BAPTIST beat North Carolina State 72-55 and UCLA defeated Stephen...

March 27, 1978
6—Tony Triolo15—drawing by SQW20, 21—Tony Triolo22—Art Seitz23—Tony Triolo26—Heinz Kluetmeier27—Manny Millan28, 29—Rich Clarkson (left), Manny Millan (center), James Drake64—Tony Tomsic69—Marvin...

March 27, 1978
ROGER HOLMESFOUNTAIN VALLEY, CALIF.A 6'4" senior guard, Roger led Fountain Valley High to its second straight Sunset League title. Roger holds the school scoring records for single game (36),...

March 27, 1978 | Edited by Gay Flood
BASEBALL'S INNOVATORSir:It is sad that Bill Veeck is not the Commissioner of Baseball, because then the whole baseball world would benefit from this great man's innovative genius instead of just...