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May 15, 1978 | Volume 48, Issue 21

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Steve Cauthen Cover - Sports Illustrated May 15, 1978

May 15, 1978 | Edited by Gay Flood
L.A.'S REVENGESir:In his article Red as in Dead? Not Again (May 1) Larry Keith reveals the main reason why Los Angeles will again win the National League West. The remarks of Cincinnati Manager...

May 15, 1978 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle
GRRIt's bad enough that the U.S. Postal Service has all those crazy abbreviations, such as MA for Massachusetts and MI for Michigan, but now try to decipher this list of the 10 leading hitters in...

May 15, 1978 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle
•John Veitch, trainer of Derby favorite Alydar, asked before the race if he would accept 6 to 5 on Alydar if he were a betting man: "I don't bet. These SOBs disappoint you enough without losing...

May 15, 1978 | William Leggett

May 15, 1978 | Clive Gammon
Once the horses had pulled up and were cantering back past the clubhouse, Larry Barrera was the first to reach him. That was while women in the box seats, close to hysteria, screamed "Stevie,...

May 15, 1978 | John Papanek
The Sixers were folding in the playoffs again. This time the Bullets were wrecking their hopes

May 15, 1978 | Ron Fimrite

May 15, 1978
Danny go-fast is Danny Ongais' nickname, and when qualifying begins for the Indianapolis 500, A.J., Al and Bobby, Wee Gordy, Lonestar J.R., Mario and Tom will be at the Speedway to challenge him...

May 15, 1978 | Rick Telander

May 15, 1978 | John A. Meyers
When Special Contributor Rick Telander arrived in South Bend, Ind. to cover Notre Dame's two-week bookstore basketball tournament (page 38), he planned to keep a low profile. In fact, it was...

May 15, 1978 | Herman Weiskopf

May 15, 1978 | Larry Keith
Likening USC's young Bill Bordley to Koufax might seem a bit much, if he were not a lefty with a 24-1 record

May 15, 1978 | Herman Weiskopf

May 15, 1978 | Herman Weiskopf
JIM RICE: The slugging Boston outfielder-designated hitter slammed three home runs, including a pair of two-run blasts that beat Baltimore 9-6, batted .483, scored seven times and batted home 14...

May 15, 1978 | Mark Mulvoy
Philadelphia figured the way to lick Boston was by baiting the Bruins' fighting Irishman, but the Flyers got beaten to the punch in their Stanley Cup series

May 15, 1978 | Joe Marshall
A ballroom was the site of the NFL draft, in which the rich got richer

May 15, 1978 | Rick Telander
"For untold centuries man has been seen, from time to time, standing at the water's edge, looking toward the horizon, yearning for adventure, beauty, and a glimpse into the mystery of unknown...

May 15, 1978 | Dan Levin
When an injury kept Dawn Musselman from competing in the 1932 Olympics, she lost her taste for swimming, but 46 years later she is setting records again

May 15, 1978 | Mike DelNagro
Raymond Ceulemans believes he can make every shot, which he just about did in winning his 15th world championship

May 15, 1978 | Kim Chapin

May 15, 1978
BASKETBALL—NBA: There were three minutes remaining in the second period, and Portland had just overcome a six-point deficit to lead Seattle 49-43 in their quarterfinal playoffs. The Sonics then...

May 15, 1978
DONALD SMITHBALTIMORESmith, 19, is the first in the history of South Atlantic AAU weight-lifting and physique competition to take four firsts in a combined event, which he did in Baltimore. He is...

May 15, 1978
4—Rich Clarkson13—drawing by SQW18, 19—John G. Zimmerman20, 21—Tony Triolo23—Jerry Cooke52—Peter Read Miller60, 65—Manny Millan72—Grant M. Haller78—Hank deLespinasse82, 83—Lane Stewart84,...