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May 22, 1978 | Volume 48, Issue 22

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Jack Sikma Cover - Sports Illustrated May 22, 1978

May 22, 1978 | Curry Kirkpatrick
Seattle was flying high, about to shut the Nuggets down, when it encountered Game-5 turbulence at 5,000 feet in Denver and had to head for home

May 22, 1978 | Barry McDermott
In the WCT finals, Gerulaitis beat Dibbs for the first time, pleasing his dad and enabling him to put a down payment on the Ferrari

May 22, 1978 | Bruce Newman 'X'. And NFL fans are going to have it this coming season, as cheerleaders for more and more teams are adopting the Dallas Cowboy look. Where it's going to lead only Oakland Raider Coach...

May 22, 1978 | Douglas S. Looney

May 22, 1978
If fast-finishing Alydar doesn't make an earlier move in the Preakness than he did in the Derby, he's going to come in a speedy second and Affirmed will have a good shot at winning the Triple...

May 22, 1978 | Sarah Pileggi
With its two-man crew pedaling and cranking like mad, White Lightning broke through the 50-mph barrier to win the Human-Powered Speed Championships

May 22, 1978 | Lewis Grossberger
For which the clue was.... No, agonize with those who got down (and across) to it at the crossword puzzle tournament

May 22, 1978
Pennants and flags flying in a forest of masts and rigging, the boats inside British Columbia's Victoria Harbor are assembled for the start of the Swiftsure Lightship Classic, a 136-mile race in...

May 22, 1978 | Julie Lamb
...and an outside rush into the rolling swells of the Pacific mark the Swiftsure Lightship Classic, in which the sailors find that the tides wait for no man

May 22, 1978 | Jonathan Yardley
More and more frequently, Josh Gibson is getting at least part of his due. Three decades after his shockingly early death, recognition is being granted to the man widely regarded as the greatest...

May 22, 1978 | Frank Deford
It seems that Roone Arledge is at it again, multiplying announcers. As everybody knows, Arledge has been the president of ABC Sports for an eon, going back to the days when Chris Schenkel was a...

May 22, 1978 | Jim Kaplan
Not only that, Toronto's versatile Bob Bailor has already played six positions

May 22, 1978 | Herman Weiskopf

May 22, 1978 | Herman Weiskopf
LEE MAY: Baltimore's designated hitter connected for three home runs, had seven RBIs and batted .500. He finished the week by walloping his sixth and seventh homers of the season as the Orioles...

May 22, 1978 | Clive Gammon
Victor Coladonato's dream almost came true, but then Legend came up hurting

May 22, 1978 | Michael Baughman
A great deal has been written about fly-fishing, perhaps more than about any other sport, and these literate anglers certainly show no signs of slowing down. In a recent month, for example, I...

May 22, 1978 | Robert F. Jones
A field on the outskirts of Nanyuki: at one corner a garbage dump smolders behind a row of shops lining the highway; the sun pounds down through a stiff southwesterly breeze; and smoke flattens...

May 22, 1978 | Robert F. Jones
The author and Winter go north to check the quantity—and quality—of game in country they had previously hunted

May 22, 1978
PRO BASKETBALL—NBA: Less than a minute to play, score 99-99. Washington's Charlie Johnson takes a long shot and misses. Teammate Wes Unseld grabs the rebound and shoots. The ball rolls on the rim...

May 22, 1978
DOUG HIGGINSWILLIAMSPORT, MD.In five at bats against Glenville State, Higgins, a senior catcher for Shepherd College (W. Va.), hit a grand slam home run, a two-run homer, a solo homer and a...

May 22, 1978
9—Drawing by SQW12, 13—Manny Millan14—John G. Zimmerman22—Lane Stewart34, 35—illustrations by Michael Ramus50—ABC53—John D. Hanlon67—Lane Stewart85—Jerry Armor-Cincinnati Enquirer, Dave Kahn,...

May 22, 1978 | Edited by Gay Flood
BIG E AND STRANGE COMPANYSir:Many thanks to Manny Millan for his amazing basketball photography this season. First it was his Feb. 13 cover picture of Sidney Moncrief, then it was Gene Banks on...

May 22, 1978 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle

May 22, 1978 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle
•Brendon Coe, 10-year-old pitcher, when, to promote dental care, Little League officials in Mill Valley, Calif. began serving kumquats, sesame crunch and apple-boysenberry juice at the refreshment...

May 22, 1978 | Willie Pastrano
I had no intention of going to the Fifth Street Gym in Miami Beach that afternoon in 1966. My fighting days were over, my light heavyweight championship lost. Even the pleasure of seeing my old...