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June 12, 1978 | Volume 48, Issue 25

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Ken Norton Cover - Sports Illustrated June 12, 1978

June 12, 1978 | Kelso F. Sutton
There seem to be just two occasions when the publisher has his picture taken to appear in this magazine—the day he arrives and the day he leaves. My first sitting was in September of 1972, when my...

June 12, 1978 | Edited by Bruce Newman

June 12, 1978 | Edited by Bruce Newman
•Sparky Lyle, New York Yankee relief pitcher, on battery mate Thurman Munson: "Munson's not moody, he's just mean. When you're moody, you're nice sometimes."

June 12, 1978 | Kenny Moore

June 12, 1978
Not so long ago it would have been as foreign to the American taste as ortolans or haggis. Now it's on in Argentina, and Americans are paying heed. Out of the hurly-burly of the first 11 days of...

June 12, 1978 | Curry Kirkpatrick

June 12, 1978
As Affirmed and Alydar continue their incomparable rivalry, Affirmed having won six of eight races but not by much, they hook up in the Belmont. Now Affirmed has the incentive of becoming a Triple...

June 12, 1978 | Coles Phinizy

June 12, 1978 | Pat Putnam

June 12, 1978 | William Leggett
He does five shows a day, five days a week. The big one, he says, falls in the 5:30 to 5:45 p.m. slot known as "drive time," when his homeward-bound audience is trapped in cars on the Los Angeles...

June 12, 1978 | Walter Bingham

June 12, 1978 | E.M. Swift
He had not won a major league game in four seasons, but when erstwhile Ranger phenom David Clyde moved to Cleveland, he changed his delivery and his luck

June 12, 1978 | Herman Weiskopf

June 12, 1978 | Herman Weiskopf
JIM PALMER: Both of the Baltimore right-hander's shutouts were notable: his 3-0 win over Cleveland was his 200th career victory; his 1-0 two-hitter in New York was the first whitewashing of the...

June 12, 1978 | Jonathan Yardley
Just about everyone is familiar with the so-called "Little League parent," that pushy, demanding father or mother who yells at the umpire, second-guesses the coach and berates his own kid. Nor is...

June 12, 1978 | Sam Moses
After 10 lean years, NASCAR driver Dave Marcis has a shot at the title

June 12, 1978 | William Leggett
Trainer Laz Barrera has a pair of aces in Affirmed and Steve Cauthen, but the pressure of completing a Triple Crown sweep in the Belmont is getting to his ulcer

June 12, 1978 | Dan Levin
Eric (Hammer) Evans was a legend in kayaking several slalom titles ago. Now he has won his ninth championship

June 12, 1978 | Jack Rudloe

June 12, 1978
PRO BASKETBALL—Before the largest crowd ever to watch a single professional basketball game, 39,457 in Kingdome in Seattle, the Washington Bullets beat Seattle 120-116 and tied the series 2-2....

June 12, 1978
TOMMY ROSCOEMILLRY, ALA.A pitcher and first baseman for Millry High, Roscoe, 17, had an 18-2 record for a 23-3 team, including a no-hitter and 150 strikeouts in 100 innings. His ERA was 0.24....

June 12, 1978
11—Anthony Ruta12—drawing by SQW16, 17—Heinz Kluetmeier (left), Rich Clarkson19—Heinz Kluetmeier20—Tony Duffy21—Peter Robinson (top), Diego Goldberg22—Tony Duffy (top), Robert Royal23—Peter...

June 12, 1978 | Edited by Gay Flood
BUTESir:The article New Uproar Over a Controversial Drug (May 22) by Douglas S. Looney was excellent. We believe that you have made a major contribution to increasing the public's awareness of the...