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July 10, 1978 | Volume 49, Issue 2

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Nancy Lopez Cover - Sports Illustrated July 10, 1978

July 10, 1978 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle

July 10, 1978 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle
•Charles Royer, mayor of Seattle, on the free-agent status of SuperSonic Center Marvin Webster: "We should zone Marvin a high rise and tell him he can't leave the city."

July 10, 1978 | Ron Fimrite

July 10, 1978 | E. M. Swift
Bill Muncey soaked it to them for the third straight race, winning the Gold Cup in his drive to regain the unlimited hydroplane championship

July 10, 1978 | Frank Deford

July 10, 1978
Money! Money! Money! Big salaries, big greed and just plain big bucks are overwhelming pro sports. In the first installment of a penetrating three-part series on the growing emphasis on money in...

July 10, 1978 | Jerry Kirshenbaum

July 10, 1978
The spiritual home of golf is perched on a nose of Scotland poking out into the North Sea, a tranquil old town named for the first-century martyr who is shown in the seal at the left. Next week...

July 10, 1978 | Joseph C. Dey

July 10, 1978 | Bob Ottum
Only an honest man would admit it: his boxing career was over long before he actually stopped fighting for a living. He clearly recalls the date and the place, even the time. It was Dec. 5, 1947...

July 10, 1978 | Bruce Newman
It's a .320-hitting shortstop called—just a sec, his name's here somewhere

July 10, 1978 | Kent Hannon

July 10, 1978 | Kent Hannon
LARRY HISLE: Despite going 0 for 8 in a doubleheader, the Brewers' slugger hit .433, socked three home runs, scored 10 times and knocked in nine runs as Milwaukee passed the Orioles and Yankees in...

July 10, 1978 | Frank Deford
International Velvet sounds like something that just went down an eighth, and for sure, upon inspection, it was obviously inspired by a bunch of bookkeepers sitting around and saying, well, we...

July 10, 1978 | Dan Levin
The powerful Trakia Club eight took on the best of the West at Henley and won

July 10, 1978 | J.D. Reed

July 10, 1978
BOATING—BILL MUNCEY, piloting Atlas Van Lines, averaged 104.168 miles per hour and won the $110,000 unlimited hydroplane Gold Cup at Owensboro, Ky. (page 22).

July 10, 1978
JOSEPH SENECALMANCHESTER, N.H.As an 18-year-old junior, Joe pitched consecutive no-hitters to lead Manchester Memorial High to the state large-school baseball championship. The first was an 8-0...

July 10, 1978
16, 17—Peter Read Miller18, 19—Peter Read Miller (left), George Olsen (top), John Iacono20, 21—George Olsen (left), Peter Read Miller (2)60—Buck Miller66—Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.71—Eric...

July 10, 1978 | Edited by Bob Ottum
RAPID RONSir:Ron Guidry may be on his way to becoming one of the great pitchers (Unbeaten, and All But Untouchable, June 26), but one must remember that the season is not even half over. The true...