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July 24, 1978 | Volume 49, Issue 4

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Jack Nicklaus Cover - Sports Illustrated July 24, 1978

July 24, 1978 | Dan Jenkins
Jack Nicklaus won his third British Open at what has come to be his native heath, Scotland's Royal and Ancient

July 24, 1978 | Bruce Newman

July 24, 1978 | Larry Keith

July 24, 1978
Seems like every year more and more folks come winging in from Lord knows where-all to show off their fancy flying machines, everything from genuine antiques to newfangled aerial hot rods, all of...

July 24, 1978
Mr. Hot and Mr. Cool, volatile Viktor Korchnoi, a defector from the U.S.S.R., and Soviet smoothie Anatoly Karpov, make their first deliberate moves in the world chess championship. J. D. Reed...

July 24, 1978 | Julia Lamb
They come in low over the Wisconsin farmlands, shaking the corn tassels with the roar of their engines. There are buzzing Stearmans, little Dyke Deltas, Pitts Specials and Pietenpols. Easy Risers...

July 24, 1978 | Ray Kennedy
Although team owners have the loot to pay today's large salaries, can sports or the players afford them?

July 24, 1978 | Ray Kennedy
THE WORLD CHAMPION MONEYMAKER FOR 1977Muhammad Ali, $5.75 million

July 24, 1978 | Ray Kennedy
"Most of my time is spent preventing the exploitation of athletes," says sports attorney Bob Woolf. "Getting money for athletes is not difficult; it's getting them to hang on to it that's hard."...

July 24, 1978 | Jim Kaplan

July 24, 1978 | Kent Hannon

July 24, 1978 | Kent Hannon
BRODERICK PERKINS: A major-leaguer for only a week, the Padres' first baseman banged out seven hits and knocked in five runs in a three-game span. Four of his hits were doubles, and a home run...

July 24, 1978 | Clive Gammon
Led by Mike Flanagan, the NASL's leading goal scorer, Boston beat the Cosmos twice and happily found itself, expansion club or no, in first place in its division

July 24, 1978 | Barry McDermott
Over the Colorado mountains, across the valleys and into exhaustion, the cyclists found that eight days and 600 miles of agony aren't everybody's cup of tea

July 24, 1978 | Bill Nack

July 24, 1978
BOATING—MERLIN, a 67-foot yacht skippered by Doug Fryer of Seattle, finished first in the 2,300-mile Victoria, British Columbia-to-Maui race in a record 10 days, two minutes and 37 seconds,...

July 24, 1978
23—Heinz Kluetmeier24—John Iacono50—Lane Stewart (left), Mike Fletcher58—George Tiedemann62—Carl Iwasaki

July 24, 1978
CHERI WILLIAMSLIVERMORE, CALIF.Cheri, 18, won the girls' 1,500 meters with a 4:20.9 at the U.S.-U.S.S.R. junior track meet. The Livermore High School graduate, who holds the national girls' record...

July 24, 1978 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
NANCY'S NAVYSir:After spreading her charisma from Rochester to Sarasota and winning seven LPGA championships in the process, the only way lovely Nancy Lopez (Nancy with the Laughing Face. July 10)...

July 24, 1978 | Edited by John Papanek

July 24, 1978 | Edited by John Papanek
•Robin Roberts, Hall of Fame pitcher, describing his greatest All-Star Game thrill: "When Mickey Mantle bunted with the wind blowing out in Crosley Field."