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July 31, 1978 | Volume 49, Issue 5

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Billy Martin Cover - Sports Illustrated July 31, 1978

July 31, 1978 | Larry Keith

July 31, 1978 | Bruce Newman
Prospects for the upcoming season looked dim to the St. Louis Cardinals. Then out of the pages of yesteryear came the whistle blasts of the great Coach Wilkinson

July 31, 1978 | J. D. Reed

July 31, 1978 | Coles Phinizy

July 31, 1978
In the lidlifter of a baseball doubleheader, this season's revival of the Dodger-Giant rivalry evokes for Ron Fimrite memories of the days when big league ball went West and brought with it the...

July 31, 1978 | Ray Kennedy

July 31, 1978 | Kelso F. Sutton
An excerpt from Pete Gent's soon-to-be-published second novel, Texas Celebrity Turkey Trot, starts on page 68. In writing it, the former Dallas Cowboy wide receiver drew at least a little on the...

July 31, 1978 | Melissa Ludtke Lincoln
When the 1978 pro football season arrives, the face that helped send The NFL Today into first place in the Sunday ratings race will be gone. The departure of Phyllis George from CBS Sports for a...

July 31, 1978 | Jim Kaplan
The Royals' rookie has only 2½ pitches, but they've added up to an 11-3 record

July 31, 1978 | Mike DelNagro

July 31, 1978 | Mike DelNagro
JACK CLARK: The Giant outfielder banged out 14 hits in 33 at bats, scored seven runs and had 14 RBIs while extending his hitting streak to 24 games. He knocked in 10 runs in four games, four of...

July 31, 1978 | Sarah Pileggi
Prevailing despite rain delays, five final-round lead changes and the determined challenge of JoAnne Carner, Hollis Stacy won her second straight U.S. Open

July 31, 1978 | Joe Jares
Cuevas is the WBA champ, Palomino is the WBC champ. They want each other

July 31, 1978 | Peter Gent

July 31, 1978
BOWLING—JEFF MATTINGLY of Tacoma, Wash, set a PBA record for winning margin, taking the $60,000 Tucson Open by 663 pins, 152 pins better than the mark established in 1967. Mattingly averaged 231...

July 31, 1978
4—Michael Salas14, 15—Manny Millan17—Lane Stewart18—Walter Iooss Jr.19—John Iacono29—Eric Schweikardt30, 31—Bill Eppridge32—Eric Schweikardt34, 35—Grant M. Haller40, 41—Tony Tomsic (bottom left),...

July 31, 1978
KATHY VAN WYKHOLLAND, MICH.As a senior at Holland Christian High School, Kathy led the Maroons softball team to a 15-2 record and the 5-C Conference title. She had a 13-1 record, struck out 104 in...

July 31, 1978
MONEYSir:Ray Kennedy and Nancy Williamson have written the finest and most important piece of sports journalism (Money: The Monster Threatening Sports, July 17) I have ever read. It should be...

July 31, 1978 | Edited by E.M. Swift

July 31, 1978 | Edited by E.M. Swift
•Ilie Nastase, on why he didn't report the loss of his American Express credit card: "Whoever stole it is spending less money than my wife."