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September 18, 1978 | Volume 49, Issue 12

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Jimmy Connors Cover - Sports Illustrated September 18, 1978

September 18, 1978 | Edited by Gay Flood
Sir:Adjusting Bud Goode's predictions (, Sept. 4) according to the results of the first week of play makes Oakland 12-3-1 for the season and Denver 12-2-2. Now do you believe?JEFF...

September 18, 1978 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle
NEWS NOTEAn item in the Sept. 8 Boston Globe: "An unprecedented statewide campaign to increase protection of [football] players against injury, with special emphasis on those injuries which result...

September 18, 1978 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle
•Jeff Griese, 7-year-old son of Miami Dolphin Quarterback Bob Griese, on learning his father would be sidelined with a knee injury: "Oh, good, now we get to color your cast."

September 18, 1978 | Curry Kirkpatrick

September 18, 1978 | Barry McDermott
But in a rousing final, Chris Evert, at 23 an old pro, awakened 16-year-old Pam Shriver from a sweet, dazzling dream

September 18, 1978 | Ron Reid
Super rookie Earl Campbell, who leads the AFC in rushing with 248 yards, rallied Houston to victory at Kansas City

September 18, 1978 | Peter Gammons

September 18, 1978
ONCE MORE, WITH FEELING—and this time, says Muhammad Ali, there'll be no fooling around when he meets Leon Spinks in their rematch for the world championship. Pat Putnam will be at ringside for...

September 18, 1978 | Ron Fimrite

September 18, 1978 | Walter Bingham

September 18, 1978 | Melissa Ludtke Lincoln
At first glance the subjects looked easy, the sort of gut courses that college students dream about. USC undergraduate Tom Seaver, already gainfully employed as a major league pitcher, needed 18...

September 18, 1978
Climbing in the Cascade Mountains of Washington, the rainiest range in the continental U.S., can be damp, dreary and downright discouraging. If so, why is this man smiling? Because Bill Nicolai's...

September 18, 1978 | Jule Campbell
Many an outdoorsman, casting an eye at gathering thunderheads and envisioning sodden clothes and sopping sleeping bags, has mumbled incantations to the leaden skies. Well, campers, mumble no more;...

September 18, 1978 | Frank Deford
In Atlanta, Jim Bouton knuckled three shutout innings before knuckling under.

September 18, 1978 | Jeannette Bruce
Don't look now but one more California fad—or innovation or godsend, depending on how you look at it—is making its way across our land, though, surprisingly, without the usual accompaniment of...

September 18, 1978 | Jim Kaplan

September 18, 1978 | Jim Kaplan
AMOS OTIS: The Kansas City centerfielder went 14 for 26 with a homer, a triple, two doubles, 10 runs batted in and four stolen bases. He had two four-hit games and three times delivered key hits...

September 18, 1978 | Joe Jares
The rains came to Seattle—so what else is new?—as did UCLA, which sloshed to an unimpressive 10-7 victory over defending Rose Bowl champion Washington

September 18, 1978 | Jim Kaplan
David Levy won his 1968 bet that no computer would beat him in the next 10 years, but Chess 4.7 didn't roll over

September 18, 1978 | Jonathan Yardley
It's too bad that Diana Nyad is her own most vociferous press agent, because her glib self-promotion diminishes rather than enlarges her considerable accomplishments. The day after her...

September 18, 1978 | William Leggett
Secretariat's first crop of 2-year-olds was forgettable, but the second, featuring undefeated Terlingua (above) and General Assembly, may well be memorable

September 18, 1978 | William Humphrey

September 18, 1978
22—Walter Iooss Jr.23—Co Rentmeester26, 27—James Drake28—Dick Raphael (top), James Drake50—Steve Goldstein59—Drew Leviton-Atlanta62—Heinz Kluetmeier74—Lane Stewart81—Richard Mackson82—Barton...

September 18, 1978
GREGORY CARDINALFLINT, MICH.Gregory, 13, who is 4'7" and weighs 73 pounds, coasted down the 953-foot Derby Downs track in Akron in 27.61 seconds (average speed: 23.5 mph) to win the senior...

September 18, 1978
BOWLING—STEVE JONES defeated Bill Spigner 211-177 in the final game to win the PBA $62,000 Quad Cities Open in Davenport, Iowa.