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October 02, 1978 | Volume 49, Issue 14

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Charles White Cover - Sports Illustrated October 02, 1978

October 02, 1978
PRO FOOTBALL—Pittsburgh, Los Angeles and Washington remained undefeated, but the Steelers and Rams had to struggle to maintain their perfect records. In Pittsburgh, Terry Bradshaw's 100th career...

October 02, 1978

October 02, 1978
4—Evelyn Floret-Black Star30—James Drake (left), Tony Tomsic31, 32—Tony Tomsic40—Peter Read Miller41—Heinz Kluetmeier42—Peter Read Miller44-50—George Booth54—Michael Mosley63—Heinz...

October 02, 1978 | Edited by Gay Flood
Sir:Walter Bingham's article to the Polls, Weakly (Sept. 18) was excellent. It's about time the flaws in the college football ranking system were pointed out. Now I wonder how long it will be...

October 02, 1978 | John Underwood

October 02, 1978 | Sarah Pileggi
In winning his 17th consecutive road race over the last seven months, Bill Rodgers discovered that the Diet Pepsi 10,000-meter national championship hit the spot

October 02, 1978 | Douglas S. Looney
Bill Popfinger needed more than a little bit of luck to drive Happy Escort to a win in the Little Brown Jug. He got it

October 02, 1978
The world series that precedes the World Series is golf's, in which two dozen pros—including Jack Nicklaus, who almost scratched to attend a high school football game—compete at Firestone in Akron...

October 02, 1978 | Dan Jenkins

October 02, 1978 | Ron Fimrite

October 02, 1978 | Kelso F. Sutton
The first time most of us at SPORTS ILLUSTRATED got a look at Dan Jenkins was in 1959, the year Jenkins, then a columnist for the Fort Worth Press, won the Golf Writers Association of America...

October 02, 1978 | Clive Gammon

October 02, 1978 | Anita Verschoth
He is not a movie star. He is fat and graceless. He looks as if he stumbled across the set by accident and stayed to watch. In real life, he owns a small fishing-tackle shop at Lake Sunapee in New...

October 02, 1978 | Larry Keith
George Bamberger did not want to manage, but he has brewed a winner

October 02, 1978 | Jim Kaplan

October 02, 1978 | Jim Kaplan
GEORGE BRETT: Despite continued pain from a thumb fractured on July 26, the Royal third baseman batted .481, with two homers—one a game winner—three doubles, four stolen bases, eight runs and...

October 02, 1978 | Mike DelNagro
South Bend was primed for a golden moment, but Michigan was not in awe of tradition; now Notre Dame is 0-2

October 02, 1978 | Herman Weiskopf

October 02, 1978 | Herman Weiskopf
OFFENSE: The Throwin' Samoan, Jack Thompson of Washington State, hit on 16 of 34 passes for 271 yards and three touchdowns and ran 13 times for 54 yards and three more TDs as the Cougars beat...

October 02, 1978 | Pat Putnam

October 02, 1978 | J. D. Reed
Lynchburg Coach Bill Shellenberger set a record by playing the game his way

October 02, 1978 | Robert F. Jones

October 02, 1978 | Edited by Ray Kennedy

October 02, 1978 | Edited by Ray Kennedy
•Doug Carr, Texas A&M linebacker, who is 5'10" and plays behind a defensive line that averages 6'4": "I just ask them to lean over so I can see what's happening."

October 02, 1978
Grand Prix racing is the only major form of motor sport that still requires a standing start. It was precisely that method of beginning the Italian Grand Prix on Sept. 10 that triggered the 10-car...