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January 08, 1979 | Volume 50, Issue 1

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated January 08, 1979

January 08, 1979 | John Underwood
Alabama beat Penn State 14-7 in the Sugar Bowl to lay claim to the national title

January 08, 1979 | Douglas S. Looney
Dave Huffman, Notre Dame's All-America center and team philosopher, was musing about the Fighting Irish mystique on the eve of the Cotton Bowl. "It's there even when you don't want to believe it,"...

January 08, 1979 | Joe Jares
Tailback Charles White of USC has done some amazing things this season. Only a junior, he became the leading ground-gainer in Pac-10 history with 4,096 yards. He led the nation in all-purpose...

January 08, 1979 | Pat Putnam
By the time that old bugaboo, the fumble, caught up with Oklahoma's racehorse offense, it was far too late to help the undergunned and overwhelmed Nebraska Cornhuskers in this unusual rematch of...

January 08, 1979 | Joe Marshall
Wearing a new bullet-proof vest to protect his broken ribs, Dan Pastorini threw three TD passes as Houston upset New England 31-14

January 08, 1979 | Dan Jenkins
The Steelers deep-sixed the Broncos by throwing to the "wrong" wide receiver, John Stallworth, who caught a record 10 passes

January 08, 1979 | John Papanek
Gaining sweet revenge after four straight playoff losses to the Minnesota Vikings, the Rams swept to a 34-10 rout of their tormentors

January 08, 1979 | Ron Reid
Atlanta KO'd Roger Staubach but was KO'd in return by Staubach's replacement, Danny White, who rallied bumbling Dallas to a 27-20 win

January 08, 1979 | Demmie Stathoplos
Starting at age eight, a jockey can get a leg up on a career and make himself a few bucks at the Cajun country bush tracks

January 08, 1979
First things first, so before they can think about restaging their Super Bowl X battle in Super Bowl XIII on Jan. 21, Pittsburgh and Dallas must defeat Houston and Los Angeles, respectively. Joe...

January 08, 1979 | Jack McCallum
The idea came from Curt Gowdy, a country boy from Wyoming. What ABC's Wide World of Sports needed, Gowdy said, was a few outdoors segments to complement the show's menu of auto racing and barrel...

January 08, 1979 | Kent Hannon
The Holiday Festival figured to be a blast for Duke. Instead the No. 1 team was bashed twice as Rutgers got to revel

January 08, 1979 | Herman Weiskopf

January 08, 1979 | Herman Weiskopf
WOLFE PERRY: The 6'2" senior guard had 34 points as Stanford shocked UCLA 75-72, then was chosen MVP of the Cabrillo Classic. In three games Perry had 78 points, 16 rebounds, 10 steals and nine...

January 08, 1979 | Kelso F. Sutton
The third week in December is always a hectic, if festive, one for Herman Weiskopf and his family. In addition to Christmas, Herm and his wife Jo-Ann celebrate their wedding anniversary (this...

January 08, 1979 | Barry McDermott
As usual, hardly any holds were barred in the bizarre Orange Bowl tournament

January 08, 1979 | Anita Verschoth
Mr. Wonderful one year, a washout the next, 1976 Olympic medalist Billy Koch showed he may be in the groove again as the new cross-country season opened

January 08, 1979 | Melissa Ludtke Lincoln
No one gets tagged with more technicals than the Nets' Kevin Loughery, whose wild sideline antics are beginning to obscure his considerable talents as a coach

January 08, 1979 | William Oscar Johnson

January 08, 1979
Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.4—Evelyn Floret-Black Star10, 11—Walter Iooss Jr.12, 13—Walter Iooss Jr., John Iacono14, 15—illustrations by Michael Ramus30—ABC35—Marilynn K. Yee-N.Y. Times40,...

January 08, 1979
DEREK SCHIFFMANSANDY, UTAHDerek, 9, threw a softball 125 feet, leaped 5'11" in the standing broad jump, ran 50 yards in 7.4 and did 63 push-ups in one minute and 67 sit-ups in the same time to...

January 08, 1979
PRO BASKETBALL—In a matchup of division leaders, San Antonio edged the 76ers 100-94 in Philadelphia, despite a 31-point effort from Doug Collins, who scored 25 a game during the week. The loss...

January 08, 1979 | Edited by Gay Flood
Sir:What a perfect choice for Sportsman of the Year, and I emphasize the word sportsman (, Dec. 25-Jan. 1). Jack Nicklaus has to be one of the most congenial, considerate and compassionate men in...

January 08, 1979 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle

January 08, 1979 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle
•Denny Crum, Louisville basketball coach, on his contract: "I'm getting $300,000, but over a 150-year period."