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January 22, 1979 | Volume 50, Issue 3

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Carter Scott Cover - Sports Illustrated January 22, 1979

January 22, 1979 | Larry Keith

January 22, 1979 | Pat Putnam
He was behind on points after 13 rounds, and when WBC world welterweight champ Carlos Palomino swung into his celebrated fast finish, it turned out to be too little and too late to stop the foxy...

January 22, 1979 | Dan Jenkins
The tour opened in a new place at a new time, but John Mahaffey, who held off a charge by Lee Trevino, picked up where he left off

January 22, 1979 | E. M. Swift

January 22, 1979 | Joe Marshall

January 22, 1979
Will it be curtains for Dallas? Or will it be Doomsday for Pittsburgh? Dan Jenkins answers all questions when he reports on the hostilities as the Cowboys seek their second straight Super Bowl...

January 22, 1979 | Robert F. Jones

January 22, 1979 | William Oscar Johnson
The dramatic deal in which Pete Rose moved from the Cincinnati Reds to the Philadelphia Phillies is still sending ripples through baseball, from the hot stove to the bank vault. The transaction...

January 22, 1979 | Kelso F. Sutton
It is only a slight exaggeration to say that this magazine might well not come out every week were it not for Ann Callahan.

January 22, 1979 | Bruce Newman
Now that Sly Williams is showing up for every game, Rhody is hardly little

January 22, 1979 | Herman Weiskopf

January 22, 1979 | Herman Weiskopf
LAWRENCE BUTLER: Idaho State's guard had 72 points (he's averaging 28), sealed a 78-77 win over Colorado State with a late shot and steal, and did in Boise State 81-78 by scoring 15 of the...

January 22, 1979 | Anita Verschoth
Renaldo Nehemiah keeps bettering his indoor hurdling world record, but what he really hungers for is the outdoor mark, which he figures to shatter this summer

January 22, 1979 | Curry Kirkpatrick
Young John McEnroe outlasted Arthur Ashe to win the Masters after Jimmy Connors retired with a blistered toe

January 22, 1979 | John Papanek
Lloyd Free, Philly's gift to San Diego, is the most spectacular show in town

January 22, 1979 | Sam Moses

January 22, 1979
4—Evelyn Floret-Black Star12, 13—Rich Clarkson14, 15—Heinz Kluetmeier38—Tony Triolo43—Lane Stewart48—George Tiedemann52—Manny Millan56—Mike Maple60, 61—Shelly Katz-Black Star62—James Drake66,...

January 22, 1979
KAREN STEVENSONWASHINGTON, D.C.Stevenson, a senior at North Carolina who has been named a Rhodes scholar, holds nine school track records for women, most notably the 60-yard hurdles (8.3),...

January 22, 1979
PRO BASKETBALL—The week featured an unusual number of outstanding individual performances. San Antonio's George Gervin, the NBA's top scorer with a 29.5-point average, poured in 52 points in a...

January 22, 1979 | Edited by Gay Flood
Sir:Your article on Alabama's victory in the Sugar Bowl (, Jan. 8) was great, and the cover picture was one of the best ever taken. But the final UPI ratings—USC No. 1, Alabama No. 2—have cheated...

January 22, 1979 | Edited by Sarah Pileggi

January 22, 1979 | Edited by Sarah Pileggi
•Jack Lambert, Pittsburgh Steeler linebacker, on Craig Morton: "I kind of like Craig Morton. I think he's an overachiever. The reason I like him, though, is because he can't run out of the pocket."