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April 02, 1979 | Volume 50, Issue 14

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Magic Johnson Cover - Sports Illustrated April 02, 1979

April 02, 1979 | Edited by John Papanek

April 02, 1979 | Edited by John Papanek
•Sparky Lyle, now a Texas Ranger reliever, on his Yankee World Series ring: "I wanted to find out if the diamond was for real, so I cut the glass on my coffee table with it. Then I found out the...

April 02, 1979 | Larry Keith
While Earvin Johnson directed a balanced offense, and the defense deterred Larry Bird, Michigan State won the NCAAs

April 02, 1979 | Mark Mulvoy
After flying high for three seasons, Guy Lafleur and the Canadiens were rudely brought back to aqua firma by Bryan Trottier and the Islanders as New York whipped Montreal in a showdown between the...

April 02, 1979 | Ron Reid
Now a former amateur, Dwight Stones tells the world just how he made a comfortable living from high jumping

April 02, 1979 | Dan Jenkins

April 02, 1979 | Jerry Kirshenbaum

April 02, 1979 | Michael Hilton

April 02, 1979 | Giles Tippette

April 02, 1979
Baseball 1979 opens with 36 pages of special coverage. Who's the game's best player, Pittsburgh's Dave Parker or Boston's Jim Rice? Roy Blount and Ron Fimrite assess the two MVPs and their...

April 02, 1979 | Barry McDermott
Chris Evert and Tracy Austin got the lionesses' share of the spotlight at the Avon finals in the Garden. All Martina Navratilova did was play better and earn more

April 02, 1979 | Kelso F. Sutton
No one in New York welcomed spring more enthusiastically last week than Ann Scott and the members of the SPORTS ILLUSTRATED letters department. Every winter the letters people struggle to keep up...

April 02, 1979 | Sarah Pileggi
Old Dominion threw a pressing defense at Louisiana Tech to win the AIAW title

April 02, 1979 | William Leggett
Derby favorite Spectacular Bid bade Florida adieu after a smash Flamingo

April 02, 1979 | Pat Putnam
Challenger Ossie Ocasio and ex-champ Ken Norton were down, up and down again as Earnie Shavers and Larry Holmes set the stage for a return engagement

April 02, 1979 | Coles Phinizy

April 02, 1979 | Steve Wulf
If ever there was a hard-luck pitcher, Hugh (Losing Pitcher) Mulcahy was it. From his first inning to his last, the Fates hounded him. They saw to it that he wasted his talents on one of the worst...

April 02, 1979
COLLEGE BASKETBALL—THREE RIVERS COMMUNITY COLLEGE of Poplar Bluff, Mo. beat Mercer County Community College of Trenton, N.J. 60-59 in Hutchinson, Kans. to win the national J.C. title.

April 02, 1979
6—Evelyn Floret-Black Star22—Rich Clarkson36—Steve Hansen38, 39—George Silk-Life40—courtesy Gene Conley58—Lane Stewart62—John Iacono69, 70—Jerry Cooke75, 76—Hank deLespinasse95—Paul Hosefros-The...

April 02, 1979
ANNE DONOVANRIDGEWOOD, N.J.Anne, a 6'8" senior center at Paramus Catholic Girls High and the most sought-after schoolgirl basketball player in the country, averaged 37 points and 15 rebounds to...

April 02, 1979
HOOP FEVERSir:Could it be that SI employs two basketball writers named Bruce Newman? The man who lauded the ACC in general and North Carolina in particular (North Carolina Kicks Up Its Heels....

April 02, 1979 | Frank Deford
The NBA is beset by many problems, but its greatest deficiency is its insane schedule. I am convinced that this shortcoming could be rectified overnight if the following simple advice were heeded.