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April 09, 1979 | Volume 50, Issue 15

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Jim Rice Cover - Sports Illustrated April 09, 1979

April 09, 1979
PRO BASKETBALL—Paced by David Thompson's 31 points, Denver beat San Diego 130-121 for its seventh straight victory. The streak enabled the Nuggets to take over first place in the Midwest Division...

April 09, 1979
26, 27—Buck Miller (top), Tony Tomsic72—courtesy CBS74—Richard Mackson78—Richard Mackson82—Pat Maxwell Sports Picture86, 89—Manny Millan107—J. Pat Carter-Baltimore Sunpapers (1)

April 09, 1979

April 09, 1979 | Edited by Gay Flood
Sir:Your coverage of the college basketball playoffs (March 19 ) has been outstanding. And the quality of basketball being played is better than ever. It's really a shame that the college moguls...

April 09, 1979 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

April 09, 1979 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Bill Walsh, the San Francisco 49ers' pass-conscious coach, on teams that run a lot: "Our turnovers are downfield. Their turnovers are at the line of scrimmage."

April 09, 1979 | William Oscar Johnson

April 09, 1979 | John Papanek
After stumbling much of the season, the Portland Trail Blazers have found their stride. With their walking wounded back and rookies Mychal Thompson and Ron Brewer chipping in, they could be a...

April 09, 1979 | John Underwood
As Ohio State starts spring football practice this week, two things are new: the head coach and his open-door policy

April 09, 1979 | Robert F. Jones

April 09, 1979 | Ron Fimrite
This is baseball's Golden Age. Indeed, there is impressive evidence to suggest that the old game's grip on the American sensibility has never been firmer, its future never brighter. A sport that...

April 09, 1979
Pittsburgh has had swashbucklers at the plate dating back to 1883, when Edward Swartwood won the first of its record 23 batting championships. And the tradition is far from dead, as Dave Parker's...

April 09, 1979 | Roy Blount

April 09, 1979 | Ron Fimrite
Last season the weak were stronger; this year the strong are weaker, so the cause of equality will again be served. Since 1973 the Dodgers and the Reds have exchanged first-and second-place...

April 09, 1979 | Larry Keith
From the lowest clubhouse boy to the very highest front-office poo-bah, everyone in baseball agrees that the Phillies are a team on the verge—but no one is exactly sure what Philadelphia is on the...

April 09, 1979
The odds couple of Keith Taft, a devout, straight-arrow Baptist, and Ken Uston, a high-living ex-stockbroker, blackjacked Las Vegas casinos for a small fortune with the help of a nifty little...

April 09, 1979 | Ron Fimrite

April 09, 1979 | William Nack
It has become familiar enough to qualify as ritual. For three seasons now the American League West has served as Kansas City's freeway to the playoffs. And for more than two years California and...

April 09, 1979 | Jim Kaplan
Here they come, streaking out of history: the 1977 Reds, the 1973 Pirates, the 1965, 1959 and 1954 Yankees, the 1954 Dodgers, the 1925 Giants, the 1917 Red Sox, the 1910 Tigers, the 1909 Cubs....

April 09, 1979 | William Oscar Johnson
This may prove to be more in the nature of an epitaph than an encomium. The White Shadow, CBS television's hour-long weekly series about a basketball team in a seedy ghetto high school, has...

April 09, 1979 | William Leggett
Flying Paster was in the winner's circle again at Santa Anita last weekend, having rebounded from a puzzling loss to win the Derby by an impressive 6½ lengths

April 09, 1979 | Sarah Pileggi
Jack Renner wears a Ben Hogan-style cap and is the baby of the pro tour. He also has the Hogan-sized notion that he could be the best golfer in the world someday

April 09, 1979 | Lowell Cohn
Buffalo Bob, BMOC at Croaker College in Sacramento, rolls onto his well-muscled back and grabs a barbell. He reels off a set of bench presses, then hurls his bulk at the overhead bar and does a...

April 09, 1979 | Kenny Moore

April 09, 1979 | E.M. Swift
Now that the pro hockey leagues are definitely going to merge, NHL teams are drooling over all the young stars of the soon-to-be-defunct Birmingham Bulls

April 09, 1979 | Jim Bouton