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May 07, 1979 | Volume 50, Issue 19

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Elvin Hayes Cover - Sports Illustrated May 07, 1979

May 07, 1979 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

May 07, 1979 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Bill Walton, on where he might play if he becomes an NBA free agent: "Right now, I've eliminated Teheran and Three Mile Island."

May 07, 1979 | Curry Kirkpatrick

May 07, 1979 | E. M. SWIFT

May 07, 1979 | Barry McDermott

May 07, 1979
A Cuban delegation of world-class track athletes is coming to the U.S. for the first time. Pat Putnam reports on the meet at UCLA in which Alberto Juantorena, Silvio Leonard and Alejandro Casañas...

May 07, 1979 | Clive Gammon

May 07, 1979 | Bil Gilbert

May 07, 1979 | Joe Jares
It is a drizzly night in the Los Angeles Coliseum, months before the pro football camps will open. Except for a security guard or two, the 71,414 seats are empty. But the lights are on, and down...

May 07, 1979 | Peter Gammons
In seeking to increase his stamina, Fred Lynn also has strengthened his stroke

May 07, 1979 | Jim Kaplan

May 07, 1979 | Jim Kaplan
KEN SINGLETON: The Orioles' rightfielder hit .500, with eight runs batted in, six runs scored, four homers, two doubles and one game-winning RBI. In six of Baltimore's seven games, he rapped out...

May 07, 1979 | William Leggett
The East's Spectacular Bid, complete with flamboyant trainer and embattled jockey, and the West's Flying Paster, of a quieter camp, finally meet in the Derby

May 07, 1979 | Herman Weiskopf
Penn State's Lady Lions and California's coachless Bears won collegiate titles

May 07, 1979 | Ron Reid
In the unusual role of a relay anchor, No. 1 hurdler Renaldo Nehemiah makes Penn Relays '79 one to remember

May 07, 1979 | Sarah Pileggi

May 07, 1979
PRO BASKETBALL—Philadelphia refused to quit in its quarterfinal series with San Antonio. Facing elimination and trailing by 13 points in the fourth quarter, the 76ers rallied to win 92-90 on a...

May 07, 1979
42—Courtesy Paramount Pictures47—Richard Mackson50—Jerry Cooke53—Richard Mackson54—Buck Miller59—James Drake66, 67—Merchants Photo Service, courtesy Byron Nelson, Gabriel Benzur-Life (2), AP (3),...

May 07, 1979
CHIP McCAINHOUSTONMcCain, 20, led the University of Texas to the AAU Collegiate Power Lifting Championships in Pensacola, Fla., setting three collegiate records in the 220-pound division—for...

May 07, 1979 | Edited by Gay Flood
BOSTON MARATHONERSSir:I appreciated your article on the Boston Marathon (Downhill Racer, April 23). It is indeed the most prestigious footrace in America today, and your coverage of Bill Rodgers'...