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May 14, 1979 | Volume 50, Issue 20

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Spectacular Bid Cover - Sports Illustrated May 14, 1979

May 14, 1979 | Jonathan Yardley
Stealing Home, Philip O'Connor's amiable and entirely engaging first novel (Knopf, $8.95), has to do with a young father named Benjamin Dunne who becomes coach of a Pee Wee League baseball team in...

May 14, 1979 | Sean Kellogg
Opera singers, athletes? Those paranoid, overpampered, overweight bags of air who won't go outside for fear of catching a cold, who speak in monosyllables for fear of tiring their voices, who flee...

May 14, 1979
PRO BASKETBALL—NBA: All looked lost for Phoenix, already down 2-0 in its semifinal series with Seattle, when Center Alvan Adams had to leave in the first quarter of Game 3 with a sprained left...

May 14, 1979
20, 21—Heinz Kluetmeier22, 23—Bryan Moss (top), Jerry Cooke (left), Bill Strode25—Jerry Cooke28, 29—Manny Millan30—John Iacono37—Richard Mackson (top), Peter Read Miller38, 39—Robert Hagedohm...

May 14, 1979
LUCILLE KENYONJACKSONVILLEKenyon, a 68-year-old grandmother, has logged 42,000 miles in trail ride competition and training over the last 29 years. Aboard her horse Diamond Miss, she completed her...

May 14, 1979
LISTSSir:A List of Lists (April 30) by Phil Pepe and Zander Hollander was a total delight. I had thought, before reading it, that I was the only one in the world left who still remembered who Bill...

May 14, 1979 | Lowell Cohn
Einer Jensen contemplated the next move. A venturesome knight was threatening his king's rook, while his queen's bishop was in jeopardy at the hands of an upstart pawn. He decided to save the rook.

May 14, 1979 | Edited By Robert H. Boyle

May 14, 1979 | Edited By Robert H. Boyle
•Jimmy Demaret, after golfing with Bob Hope: "Bob has a beautiful short game. Unfortunately, it's off the tee."

May 14, 1979 | William Leggett
Spectacular Bid and his 19-year-old jockey, Ronnie Franklin, confounded the critics with a come-from-behind win in the Kentucky Derby, triggering talk of yet another Triple Crown

May 14, 1979 | Clive Gammon
In the whole joyful evening, there was only one small disappointment. "Any Bloodys?" asked Ronnie Franklin, rummaging around in the tack room refrigerator an hour after the race. "What did they do...

May 14, 1979 | Douglas S. Looney
With his team hurting because bullpen ace Rich Gossage is injured, the game's best starter offered to relieve—and promptly won

May 14, 1979 | E.M. Swift

May 14, 1979
Together again thanks to a judge, all the top Indy drivers will be at the Speedway this weekend for qualifying—although some are hot under the collar. Robert F. Jones reports on the battle to...

May 14, 1979 | Kathy Blumenstock
Mike Nykoluk, the assistant coach of the Rangers, chewed vigorously on a large, unlit cigar as he studied an instant replay of a sliding save made by Islander Goaltender Chico Resch on a shot by...

May 14, 1979 | Pat Putnam
Alberto Juantorena and his band of fellow Cubans came out smoking in the UCLA meet, but Americans beat them to the tape every time

May 14, 1979 | Roger Dionne

May 14, 1979 | William Oscar Johnson
The very title, The American Came, indicates that this well-made film intends to operate on a number of levels of meaning. The first, of course, is to produce a documentary, an authentic portrayal...

May 14, 1979 | Jim Kaplan
Roy Smalley, the American League's best, has brains—and now some brawn

May 14, 1979

May 14, 1979
JIM SLATON: The Milwaukee righthander threw two complete-game victories—beating Cleveland 8-0 on two hits and Toronto 6-1 on eight—to lower his earned run average to 1.66, best among the league's...

May 14, 1979 | J. D. Reed
The swift, aggressive French national team came to the Meadowlands and gave the U.S. national team a lesson in world-class soccer—by socking it to them

May 14, 1979 | Nancy Williamson
All eight teams in the women's league lost a bundle, but not their optimism

May 14, 1979 | Jim Kaplan
And in today's bustling game that is a worthy achievement. But a contender Stu Goldstein may remain indefinitely unless he develops a champion's killer instinct

May 14, 1979 | Curry Kirkpatrick
Playing superbly, John McEnroe took on the world's best players, Bjorn Borg and Jimmy Connors, back to back and overwhelmed them to win the WCT championship

May 14, 1979 | John Papanek
Larry Kenon and fellow Spur egos have enfevered a win-starved populace

May 14, 1979 | Barry McDermott

May 14, 1979 | Robert Strauss
Back in 1918, when residents of South Philadelphia's lower-middle-class ethnic pocket were loath to spend their hard-earned dimes on anything beyond sustenance, three recent high school graduates...