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June 11, 1979 | Volume 50, Issue 24

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Gus Williams Cover - Sports Illustrated June 11, 1979

June 11, 1979 | Edited by Myra Gelband

June 11, 1979 | Edited by Myra Gelband
•Johnny Kerr, former NBA player and coach, now a broadcaster: "If a coach starts listening to the fans, he winds up sitting next to them."

June 11, 1979 | John Papanek
A couple of sparkling guards, a combative center and a swarming defense enabled the SuperSonics to dethrone Washington, four games to one, and win the NBA title

June 11, 1979 | Joe Marshall
A look-alike middle-distance runner and a hurdler who looks too good to be true sparkled at the NCAA championships

June 11, 1979 | Robert Boyle

June 11, 1979
CATCH NANCY? Once again the LPGA field is wondering what to do about Lopez. The best woman golfer is hitting longer than ever and, coming into the LPGA Championship, has won three straight...

June 11, 1979 | William Nack

June 11, 1979 | William Humphrey
All manner of barnstormers hit Texas in the 1930s, but the most memorable was an old trick-shot artist—even then an anachronism

June 11, 1979 | Kelso F. Sutton
Roy Terrell, 56, the managing editor of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED since 1974, retired early this month, leaving an emptiness on this magazine that will be hard to fill. Not only because of his notable...

June 11, 1979 | William Nack
In winter Danny Ainge is an outstanding college basketball guard, but come spring his fancy turns to pro baseball

June 11, 1979 | Mike DelNagro

June 11, 1979 | Mike DelNagro
DAVE WINFIELD: The Padre rightfielder hit .517 and had 14 RBIs with 15 hits, including five home runs. That tied him for the league lead in RBIs (43), put him second in batting (.354) and tied for...

June 11, 1979 | Kathleen Andria
Onetime kid whiz Joe Nuxhall is the radio voice of the Cincinnati Reds, but he still pitches batting practice to prove that, though he may have retired, he didn't quit

June 11, 1979 | Joe Jares
The revival of an old racing classic was a gas, especially for the aeronauts of Double Eagle III, who rode a thermal roller coaster 617 miles to a bumpy victory

June 11, 1979 | Jim Kaplan
In 1976 a couple of leading amateur squash racquets players, Gerry Jabara and Kevan Pickens, gave up comfortable jobs to put out a magazine devoted to their favorite sport. But after a few issues,...

June 11, 1979 | Pat Putnam
John Tate walloped Kallie Knoetze in Bophuthatswana and dreamed of a title

June 11, 1979 | William Nack
Spectacular Bid's trainer remains true to form on the eve of the Belmont Stakes

June 11, 1979 | Bil Gilbert

June 11, 1979 | Sarah Pileggi
All the better U.S. Open courses have ghosts, and Inverness, in Toledo, Ohio, where the clan will gather next week to decide the national championship, has one of the best ghosts of all.

June 11, 1979
4—Nancy Kessler16, 17—James Drake18—Walter Iooss Jr.19—Richard Mackson (left), Manny Millan22, 23—(top row) Lynn Pelham, Gerry Mooney (2), (bottom row) Lynn Pelham (2), George Tiedemann...

June 11, 1979
HEATHER FARRPHOENIXHeather, 14, won her second consecutive Arizona Women's Golf Association championship at the Mesa Country Club in Phoenix. She defeated Arizona State freshman Lauri Merten nine...

June 11, 1979
PRO BASKETBALL—The Seattle SuperSonics won their first NBA title, defeating the defending champion Washington Bullets 97-93 in the fifth and final game of their best-of-seven series, at Landover,...

June 11, 1979 | Edited by Gay Flood
ROSE AND RUTHVENSir:Regarding your May 28 cover subject, Pete Rose, phooey! Boo! How about Ray Knight, Rose's replacement at third base in Cincinnati? Knight is doing a remarkable job in the field...

June 11, 1979 | Jerry Cowle
The recent interest in bodybuilding has brought to mind my boyhood and my encounter with the patron saint of the art or obsession, Charles Atlas. As a scrawny kid of 11, living in a small upstate...