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November 19, 1979 | Volume 51, Issue 21

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Magic Johnson Cover - Sports Illustrated November 19, 1979

November 19, 1979 | Jonathan Yardley
Nancy Lopez is an attractive, vivacious, likeable young woman, and a remarkably talented golfer in the bargain. She has been to the women's professional golf tour what Billie Jean King was to...

November 19, 1979 | Allan Pospisil
In later years, Norway's Fridtjof Nansen would gain fame as a polar explorer and as the winner, in 1922, of the Nobel Peace Prize. In the winter of 1884, when he was 22 years old, he got a...

November 19, 1979 | Philip Singerman
Now we laugh about our trip in 1971 to Okinawa, my friend Mike and I—he was 23, I, 28—and sometimes, if it's late at night and we've had enough to drink, we talk about returning, just to look...

November 19, 1979
30, 31—Manny Millan32, 33—Peter Read Miller34—Jerry Cabluck35—Barton Silverman45—Peter Read Miller46, 47—Peter Read Miller (left), Rich Clarkson61—Brian Lanker68—Frank White71, 72—Bob Straus...

November 19, 1979
BRENT STEINEROVERLAND PARK, KANS.Steiner, 18, who has the fastest time in the nation this year for the two-mile run by a high school junior (8:47.1), broke the Kansas schoolboy cross country...

November 19, 1979 | Compiled by BILL COLSON
PRO BASKETBALL—Led by Gus Williams' 27 points, Seattle ended a Milwaukee string at 10 with a 114-101 victory. The Bucks, who enjoy a seven-game lead in the Midwest Division, then dropped a 118-117...

November 19, 1979 | Edited by Gay Flood
UP AGAINST STEELSir:Paul Zimmerman's article Curtain Call for the Steelers (Nov. 5) should finally lay the Dallas computer to rest. As each new season unfolds, every preview and television...

November 19, 1979 | Jim Kaplan
The 1970s have been sport's intellectual decade. We have been swamped by every form of insight—from the healthful benefits of sport to its psychology to its use as a literary metaphor. But if we...

November 19, 1979 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

November 19, 1979 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Ed Farrell, Davidson football coach, after losing to Furman 63-55: "I thought 55 would have been enough."

November 19, 1979
Today's sugar man has been likened to namesakes Sugar Ray Robinson and Benny Leonard, with good reason. Sugar Ray Leonard, perhaps the most exciting fighter around, eyes a welterweight title bout...

November 19, 1979 | Bruce Newman
When the Lakers signed Magic Johnson, they thought he could do everything with the ball but shoot it. Now he is scoring as well as passing

November 19, 1979 | Larry Keith
Using money as bait, George Steinbrenner and three other owners are out to hook baseball's strikeout king, now a free agent

November 19, 1979 | Paul Zimmerman

November 19, 1979 | Sam Moses

November 19, 1979 | Timothy Yost

November 19, 1979 | Allan Pospisil
Fred Cox spliced two moistened strips of raw-hide, drew the joint snug against the frame of the snowshoe he was working on, and wove it diagonally through a latticework of rawhide strips that...

November 19, 1979 | Joe Jares
California's Rich Campbell, first in the nation in percentage of completions and a Campus Crusader for Christ, is the latest leader of the Bears' passing parade

November 19, 1979 | Herm Weiskopf

November 19, 1979 | Herm Weiskopf
OFFENSE: Charles White ran for 243 yards as USC beat Washington 24-17, giving him 1.609 yards for the season—the best in the nation—and moving him up to second on the NCAA's alltime list with...

November 19, 1979 | Stan Isaacs
ABC brought one of the wagons of its weekly football television circus to Lebanon Valley College (student pop. 950) in Annville, Pa., 20 miles east of Harrisburg, last Saturday, and it was, said...

November 19, 1979 | J. D. Read
That's how Goalie Randy Phillips and his rugged SMU team vaulted upward

November 19, 1979 | Barry McDermott

November 19, 1979 | Kathy Blumenstock
For the rich teeny-boppers skating all around the NHL, the future is right now

November 19, 1979 | Bob Ottum