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March 31, 1980 | Volume 52, Issue 14

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Darrell Griffith Cover - Sports Illustrated March 31, 1980

March 31, 1980 | Curry Kirkpatrick

March 31, 1980 | Joe Jares
Meanwhile, north of Indy, Old Dominion extended its reign, defeating Tennessee to win the AIAW title for the second consecutive year

March 31, 1980 | Kenny Moore
If there was any doubt about President Carter's resolve to boycott the Olympics, it was dispelled at a White House meeting with athletes

March 31, 1980 | Dan Jenkins

March 31, 1980 | Douglas S. Looney

March 31, 1980
Strike two threatens to delay the start of the 1980 baseball season—just as a walkout did in 1972—but our annual preseason issue will be on time. Who will be the stars of the '80s? Ron Fimrite...

March 31, 1980 | Larry Keith

March 31, 1980 | Stan Isaacs
It isn't always how you're doing so much as how people perceive you're doing. Take the CBS telecasts of NBA games this season. To be sure, things are on the upbeat from the gloom and doom of last...

March 31, 1980 | J. D. Reed
Americanization—three North Americans on the field instead of two—is the new buzzword in the NASL. It might add a little pizzazz to a league that could use some

March 31, 1980 | Sarah Pileggi
This winter's top women's event was a ding-dong tournament for Tracy Austin

March 31, 1980 | Bob Verdi
Chicago Black Hawk fans were turned off when Bobby Hull took off and the team became dull, dull, dull, but with a new coach and new spirit, the old crowds are back

March 31, 1980 | John Papanek

March 31, 1980
16—Dennis Brack-TIME17—Lane Stewart (top), Diana H. Walker-TIME18—Andy Hayt19—Andy Hayt (top), Lane Stewart20—Lane Stewart (center), Andy Hayt (2)34—courtesy CBS Sports44—Al Szabo50—George...

March 31, 1980 | Compiled by BROOKS CLARK
COLLEGE BASKETBALL—OLD DOMINION defeated Tennessee 68-53 in Mount Pleasant, Mich. to win the AIAW tournament (page 14).

March 31, 1980
GLENN GOODMANTAMPAGlenn, a senior at Tampa Chamberlain High, completed four undefeated years of high school wrestling. In 111 matches, he pinned 59 opponents and won state titles in the 108-,...

March 31, 1980 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

March 31, 1980 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•John Mackey, former Baltimore Colt tight end, lamenting the absence of a black head coach in the NFL: "I look at all the coaches in the game today, and I think to myself there's no reason why a...

March 31, 1980 | Edited by Gay Flood
SPECIAL INTERESTSir:I had been anticipating the arrival of your annual special issue. The Year in Sports, and now that I have read it, I find only one word to describe it: unbelievable! I have...