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September 22, 1980 | Volume 53, Issue 13

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Billy Sims Cover - Sports Illustrated September 22, 1980

September 22, 1980 | Jonathan Yardley
The pleasures of baseball in Baltimore are, to my blissfully biased mind, infinite. I like the Orioles themselves, a group of interesting young men who play in an interesting way, but I also like...

September 22, 1980 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

September 22, 1980 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Jim Craig, after an intersection near Boston University was renamed "Olympic Four Place" in honor of himself and three other alumni who played on the U.S. Olympic hockey team: "Do I still have to...

September 22, 1980 | Paul Zimmerman
Whether accelerating in the open field or hurtling over for a touchdown or—surprise!—catching passes, Billy Sims has powered the Lions to lopsided wins over L.A. and Green Bay

September 22, 1980 | E.M. Swift
With Pops ailing and his brood failing, the Pirates may be former champions before postseason play gets under way

September 22, 1980 | Joe Marshall
No. 1-ranked Ohio State and leading Heisman Trophy candidate Art Schlichter fell behind Syracuse 21-3 early in the second quarter before rallying for a 31-21 win

September 22, 1980 | Clive Gammon
Archaeologists and anglers come to a Guatemalan lake for the temples and tarpon. If they're lucky, they find Albert

September 22, 1980 | Philip G. Howlett
Fourteen pages of this issue are devoted to remarkable portraits of a number of Muhammad Ali's opponents as they look today, most of them familiar only to the most avid readers of The Ring Record...

September 22, 1980 | Michael Brennan
When Muhammad Ali was Cassius Clay and fought many of the men shown on the overleaf and on the following pages, he lived in a $36-a-week room in the Charles Hotel in South Miami Beach, which he...

September 22, 1980 | Michael Brennan
At least three of those who fought Muhammad Ali are dead: Sonny Banks, Zora Folley, Sonny Liston. There may be more; a couple of the early opponents can't be located. Banks, strictly a...

September 22, 1980 | Anthony Cotton
Although Brewer Cecil Cooper's .357 hitting season has been obscured by the Year of Brett, he needs no sympathy

September 22, 1980 | Kathleen Andria

September 22, 1980 | Kathleen Andria
RICH GOSSAGE: As the Yankees increased their lead to four games, their ace reliever picked up four saves in as many appearances, for a total of 27 with a 1.93 ERA, and increased his strikeouts to...

September 22, 1980 | Mike DelNagro
In a 73-0 shocker, Wichita State discovered why pro scouts think South Carolina's George Rogers is the best runner around. He's big, fast—and has a little wiggle

September 22, 1980 | Jim Kaplan

September 22, 1980 | Jim Kaplan
OFFENSE: Iowa sophomore halfback Jeff Brown rushed for more yardage (176 to 136) than the entire Indiana team, caught five passes and set up a touchdown with a 55-yard run as the Hawkeyes defeated...

September 22, 1980 | William Leggett
By beating Genuine Risk (2) in the Maskette, the filly Bold 'N Determined laid claim to being the top 3-year-old

September 22, 1980 | William Nack
Confused with Ernie Holmes, introduced as the next heavyweight champion of the world, WBC champ Larry Holmes wants his due While realizing he Won't get it no matter how he fares with Ali

September 22, 1980 | Stan Isaacs
When Walter O'Malley died in August 1979, flags flew at half-staff at Dodger Stadium and at Los Angeles' City Hall, but not in Brooklyn, which hadn't forgiven him for moving the Dodgers to Los...

September 22, 1980 | Compiled by CRAIG NEFF
BOXING—SALVADOR SANCHEZ of Mexico retained his WBC featherweight title on a 15-round split decision over Patrick Ford of Guyana, in San Antonio, Texas.

September 22, 1980
4—Derek Hudson14—Ronald C. Modra15—John Iacono16, 17—Heinz Kluetmeier (left), Ronald C. Modra (2)18—Walter Iooss Jr.19—Manny Millan (top), Walter Iooss Jr.20, 21—Walter Iooss Jr. (right), Manny...

September 22, 1980
KERRI DONISMOLINE, ILL.Kerri, 12, hit a league-leading .696, with 37 runs batted in and five homers, in leading her otherwise all-male team to the Moline Little League title. In 12 postseason...

September 22, 1980 | Edited by Gay Flood
PICKSSir:Just how wrong Paul Zimmerman was about the Cowboys getting nothing from recent drafts (Paul Zimmerman's Scouting Reports, Sept. 8) was illustrated by Dallas' 17-3 defeat of Washington on...