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October 20, 1980 | Volume 53, Issue 17

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Paul Westphal Cover - Sports Illustrated October 20, 1980

October 20, 1980 | Dan Levin
So much is gone from the Boston we knew then: the Braves, the Victory Gardens of World War II, and, most notably, that wild city block we called The Mountains. Only the gnarled old oak at its edge...

October 20, 1980
4—Evelyn Floret20, 21—Andy Hayt22—(from top) Peter Read Miller, Richard Mackson, Peter Read Miller, Andy Hayt24, 25—Heinz Kluetmeier (left), Walter Iooss Jr. (center), John Iacono26—Barry...

October 20, 1980 | Compiled by CRAIG NEFF
BASEBALL—While the Kansas City Royals swept the American League Championship Series from the New York Yankees 3-0, the Philadelphia Phillies needed five games to win the National League pennant...

October 20, 1980
KEVIN CLIFTONBEREA, KY.Kevin, 17, a 170-pound halfback for Berea Community School, rushed for 355 yards and TDs of 72, 64, 47 and 10 yards in a 30-20 win over Williamsburg High. In seven games he...

October 20, 1980 | Edited by Gay Flood
ALI-HOLMESSir:So "it won't happen that way" (Better Not Sell the Old Man Short, Sept. 29)? It's about time that someone proved Muhammad Ali is a mere mortal—an earthling, if you will. Ali's only...

October 20, 1980 | Jonathan Yardley
Cleo Birdwell, the name that adorns the jacket of Amazons (Holt, Rinehart and Winston, $12.95), is a pseudonym for Don DeLillo, author of the novels End Zone and Ratner's Star, and a "friend" of...

October 20, 1980 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

October 20, 1980 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Bum Phillips, Houston Oiler coach, offering words of wisdom to new acquisition Hollywood Henderson, who may be getting his last chance in the NFL: "You don't know a ladder has splinters in it...

October 20, 1980 | Ron Fimrite
Philadelphia beat Houston in a five-game National League series that set records for drama and excitement

October 20, 1980 | Steve Wulf
That lonely band of strangers jumping and hugging under the glare of 56,588 New Yorkers in Yankee Stadium last Friday at midnight was the Kansas City Royals, the best team in the American League,...

October 20, 1980 | Douglas S. Looney
Niatross, pacing's $20 million wonder, wrapped up the Triple Crown while his various owners provided the fireworks

October 20, 1980 | Joe Marshall

October 20, 1980
No urban Cowboy is Bum Phillips. No, sir! The coach of the Houston Oilers is the real live thing, or as his wife puts it, "Bum was born with his boots on." Curry Kirkpatrick jumps into Bum's red...

October 20, 1980 | John Papanek

October 20, 1980 | Philip G. Howlett
If the name Johnson seems to be appearing all over SI this week, there's a simple explanation. This is our annual pro basketball issue, and there happen to be Johnsons all over the NBA—enough to...

October 20, 1980 | Roy S. Johnson
With their specialty, the defense's equivalent of the slam dunk, shot rejectors can alter the course of a game with the flick of a wrist

October 20, 1980 | John Papanek
Everyone knows that NBA champions do not repeat, right? And that in the Western Conference there is no team that looks stronger as the season begins than the defending champion Lakers, right? So...

October 20, 1980 | Richard O'Connor
When the Milwaukee Bucks obtained Bob Lanier from Detroit last year, their record was 29-27; after his arrival they went 20-6 and advanced to the semifinals of the Western Conference playoffs...

October 20, 1980 | Richard O'Connor
Last season the Kansas City Kings finished only two games behind Milwaukee in the Midwest Division. Now, with the Bucks reassigned to the Central Division, the Kings should easily regain the title...

October 20, 1980 | Roy S. Johnson
The Pacific Division begins the season faith a lot of old faces in new places. "Every few years you have to redefine who you are," says Seattle Coach Lenny Wilkens, whose SuperSonics did just...

October 20, 1980 | Roy S. Johnson
Bouncing checks. Overcrowded hotel rooms. All-night bus rides. Empty arenas. So it went during the first two seasons of the Women's Professional Basketball League. That nine teams have made it...

October 20, 1980 | Robert H. Boyle
Completely multiple and totally flexible, Harvard has run up a 4-0 record using the innovative and confusing formations of its coach and philosopher, Joe Restic

October 20, 1980 | Herm Weiskopf

October 20, 1980 | Herm Weiskopf
OFFENSE: Freeman McNeil, a 5'11", 225-pound senior tailback for UCLA, gained only 28 yards in nine first-half rushes but added 220 more yards and four TDs on 20 carries in the second half to help...

October 20, 1980 | Dan Levin
The world's best side, from down in New Zealand, trounced the U.S. before the sport's largest American audience

October 20, 1980 | Barry McDermott
There were far worse problems than gators at Pensacola—you could lose a PGA card or fail to make the Top 60

October 20, 1980 | E.M. Swift
He broke in with such long-gone stars as O.J. and Ron Johnson, and he isn't as quick as he was, but Cleveland isn't asking the old campaigner to turn in his cleats

October 20, 1980 | Curry Kirkpatrick
Headhunters lurked as mixed doubles had its biggest payday in the Couples

October 20, 1980 | Steve Raymond
The Green was only a little river, a mere capillary of the Columbia River System. It was born in the shadows between steep ridges in the High Cascades in Washington, and all through the long...

October 20, 1980 | Richard O'Connor