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November 10, 1980 | Volume 53, Issue 20

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L.C. Greenwood Cover - Sports Illustrated November 10, 1980

November 10, 1980
26, 27—Walter Iooss Jr.28, 29—Heinz Kluetmeier (5), Tony Tomsic (bottom right)30, 31—Walter Iooss Jr.34—Dusty Perkins (left)35—Joan Vitale—Rohlwing36—Joan Vitale—Rohlwing (top), Andy...

November 10, 1980 | Compiled by CRAIG NEFF
PRO BASKETBALL—It was early December last season before Utah won its seventh game; this year the Jazz did it a month quicker. With Darrell Griffith, early favorite for Rookie of the Year, and NBA...

November 10, 1980
BOB COOPERMONROE, LA.Cooper, a senior at Northeast Louisiana University, shot a four-under-par 284 to win the National Lefthanders' Golf Championship in Palm Springs, Calif. by two strokes over...

November 10, 1980 | Edited by Gay Flood
USC'S EXAMPLESir:James H. Zumberge, the new president of the University of Southern California, deserves credit not only for revealing that his esteemed school has been guilty of abuses in its...

November 10, 1980 | Jim Kaplan
In June 1973, when Secretariat became the first Triple Crown winner in 25 years, the public was clamoring to see the colt compete as often as possible. Secretariat's schedule was of particular...

November 10, 1980 | Jonathan Yardley
Dick Miller's Triumphant Journey (Holt, Rinehart and Winston, $13.95) is described in the dust-jacket copy as "the first full biography of Bobby Jones...." To accept that claim, you have to accept...

November 10, 1980 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

November 10, 1980 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Tony Dungy, former NFL defensive back, asked if he felt biorhythms influenced the outcome of games: "I think your biorhythms are going to be better against San Francisco than they are against...

November 10, 1980 | Paul Zimmerman

November 10, 1980
Mighty Bob Young once was just a journeyman guard, but thanks to the wonders of weightlifting, he became a first-time All-Pro at the age of 36 and, at 6'1" and 285 pounds, the most massively...

November 10, 1980 | John Papanek
San Antonio's good-hit, no-field style has undergone an amazing transformation. Just ask its opponents

November 10, 1980 | Douglas S. Looney

November 10, 1980 | John Papanek

November 10, 1980 | Clive Gammon

November 10, 1980 | William Leggett

November 10, 1980 | Joe Marshall

November 10, 1980 | Herm Weiskopf

November 10, 1980 | Herm Weiskopf
OFFENSE: Steve Fairchild, Colorado State's senior quarterback, passed for a team-record 406 yards as he completed 28 of 35 throws. His third touchdown toss of the day, with four seconds left,...

November 10, 1980 | J.D. Reed
Appalachian State is in the Top 10 thanks to a coach who knows the value of an African connection and understands that meal books go right to a player's heart

November 10, 1980 | William Oscar Johnson
It's an irritation as old as televised sports. During the first telecast of an athletic event, a dim and blurry transmission of a baseball game between Columbia and Princeton on May 17, 1939, the...

November 10, 1980 | Jack Rudloe

November 10, 1980 | Michael Baughman
Grouse season is a fine time of year. In southern Oregon, September nights are cool, even wintry at the higher elevations, but by midmorning summer has temporarily reestablished itself. At dawn,...

November 10, 1980 | Jack Winter
Why can't I play, Stooie Schachter? I have a bat. I have a glove. You even use my A.J. Reach Official American League ball. For two hours every Saturday I have to sit there on that big rock in...