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March 09, 1981 | Volume 54, Issue 11

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Magic Johnson Cover - Sports Illustrated March 09, 1981

March 09, 1981 | John Papanek

March 09, 1981 | E.M. Swift
Edmonton's 20-year-old Wayne Gretzky is pursuing an "unbreakable" record

March 09, 1981 | Curry Kirkpatrick

March 09, 1981
Familiar faces like those of Rollie Fingers and Ted Simmons, Fred Lynn and Rick Burleson, Bruce Sutter and Darrell Porter are popping up in new places, specifically the Milwaukee, California and...

March 09, 1981 | Frank Deford

March 09, 1981 | Kathleen Andria
Ah, baseball. Ah, the Sun Belt. Ah, spring training. Once more the national pastime has migrated lock, stock and batting helmet from the cold gray skies of the North to the sun and fun of the...

March 09, 1981 | Philip G. Howlett
On the Tonight show a week or so ago, cartoonist Arnold Roth was reflecting on the urge to doodle. At one point in the discussion, Johnny Carson observed that all of us go through a phase of...

March 09, 1981 | Anthony Cotton
Of the upwardly mobile Sun Belt teams, Virginia Commonwealth is rising fastest

March 09, 1981 | Herm Weiskopf

March 09, 1981 | Herm Weiskopf
ZAMBOLIST (Zam) FREDRICK: The 6'2" guard, with an 8.1 average over three years, had 43 points as South Carolina beat Georgia Southern 106-69, raising his average for this season to 28.9, the best...

March 09, 1981 | Coles Phinizy
This year's SORC winners are the guys from the Crude, whose antics are rude

March 09, 1981 | Sam Moses

March 09, 1981
4—Richard Mackson14, 15—Andy Hayt16—Richard Mackson17—Andy Hayt20—Tony Tomsic21—Rich Clarkson22, 23—Tony Tomsic24—Art Shay (top left), Tony Tomsic (top right), Rich Clarkson29—Rich...

March 09, 1981
JILL FROSTWALPOLE, MASS.Jill, 12, won the 1981 Junior Ladies Figure Skating Championship for competitors at the sixth and seventh test levels, in San Diego. She also won the New England title in...

March 09, 1981 | Compiled by N. Brooks Clark
PRO BASKETBALL—Though Houston trailed first-place San Antonio by 10½ games in the Midwest Division, many eyes were on the Rockets' Calvin Murphy. He hit five of five free throws in Houston's...

March 09, 1981 | Edited by Gay Flood
AMERICAN RENEWAL Sir: The Feb. 23 issue of SI struck me as an especially important one. Henry Grunwald's essay, American Renewal, and John Underwood's brilliant admonition and declaration of hope,...

March 09, 1981 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

March 09, 1981 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Donald Davidson, Houston Astro executive, extolling Pitcher Joe Niekro's ability to relax: "It takes him an hour and a half to watch 60 Minutes."