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March 23, 1981 | Volume 54, Issue 13

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Rolando Blackman Cover - Sports Illustrated March 23, 1981

March 23, 1981 | Curry Kirkpatrick

March 23, 1981 | Sam Moses
Alan Jones, the reigning world champ, emerged from the feudin' and fussin' at Long Beach with a resounding win

March 23, 1981 | E.M. Swift

March 23, 1981 | Steve Wulf

March 23, 1981
They can't hardly match the pyrotechnics of last weekend, but the next two rounds of NCAA basketball—12 games over four days in four cities—will pare 16 teams down to the Final Four. SI will be at...

March 23, 1981 | Pat Putnam

March 23, 1981 | Pat Putnam
Even boxing men hardened to the cavalier ways of the WBA are sometimes surprised. In 1977 a Japanese promoter of a title fight winced when Dr. Elia Cordova, then the WBA president, informed him...

March 23, 1981 | Philip G. Howlett
Jack Rudloe, 38, who writes of the plight of sea turtles in Florida in this issue (page 60), began his career as a naturalist at the age of five, catching turtles in a muddy pond in Brooklyn's...

March 23, 1981 | Alexander Wolff
Normally it wouldn't have been such a big deal: a 24-year-old driver making an unscheduled pit stop midway through a 200-lap race he was given only a fair chance of winning. But if CBS Commentator...

March 23, 1981 | Craig Neff
Doug Padilla and Suleiman Nyambui traded tight wins at the NCAA indoors

March 23, 1981 | Sam Moses
When he's not ruling the World Pro circuit, Austria's Andre Arnold takes up his brush, pail and ladder to relax

March 23, 1981 | Douglas S. Looney
The mighty Banach twins captured individual titles as Iowa took yet another NCAA championship, its sixth in seven years

March 23, 1981 | William Leggett
A $25,000 buy, John Henry is Dotsam's only horse—and the richest now racing

March 23, 1981 | Anthony Cotton
The Walton days are long gone, but the Ramsay and Ransey show has turned Portland's slow start into a fast finish

March 23, 1981 | Jack Rudloe

March 23, 1981 | Michael Baughman
The most common arguments that fly-fishermen use to promote their sport are that fly-casting is esthetically superior to any other form of angling and, therefore, more enjoyable, and that when a...

March 23, 1981
4—Anthony Neste12, 13—John Iacono14—Manny Millan15—John Iacono16—Manny Millan17—Peter Read Miller18—Heinz Kluetmeier19—Bruce Talamon20, 21—Tony Triolo22(top)—George Tiedemann22(bottom left)—Steven...

March 23, 1981 | Compiled by N. BROOKS CLARK
COLLEGE BASKETBALL—BETHANY NAZARENE COLLEGE of Bethany, Okla. defeated Alabama-Huntsville 86-85 in overtime to win the NAIA tournament in Kansas City. KENTUCKY STATE won the women's title with a...

March 23, 1981
LEANNE POWLESONSOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF.Leanne, a 12-year-old volleyball player at All Souls School, served and won 15 straight points to lead the Wildcats to a 15-0, 15-1 victory over Mater...

March 23, 1981
THE ICE FOLLIESSir:I was a witness to the Feb. 26 Boston-Minnesota brawl, and your SCORECARD article (March 9) was to the point. The record-setting 406 penalty minutes is just one more thing...

March 23, 1981 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle