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March 30, 1981 | Volume 54, Issue 14

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Ralph Sampson Cover - Sports Illustrated March 30, 1981

March 30, 1981 | Bruce Newman
Class came through in the NCAA regionals as high-ranked North Carolina, Virginia, Louisiana State and Indiana blew the opposition out. Next stop, the Spectrum, where they'll form the most...

March 30, 1981 | Frank Deford
The Eastern was clearly the class regional. The four teams were all from the Top 20, they had the fewest losses among them, and the most celebrities. Notre Dame has been on network television so...

March 30, 1981 | Curry Kirkpatrick
It was shortly after LSU leveled Arkansas. Or it was shortly after LSU leveled Wichita State. It doesn't matter. The levelings and the levity tended to run together last weekend in New Orleans, as...

March 30, 1981 | William F. Reed
In Bobby Knight's office there is a red metal folding chair on which the Indiana coach often sits while reviewing game films. The chair is of some sentimental value to Knight because, legend has...

March 30, 1981 | Steve Wulf

March 30, 1981 | Douglas S. Looney

March 30, 1981
The spectacle in the spectrum, a/k/a the final four, a/k/a the national collegiate championship, features Virginia's Ralph Sampson, Indiana's Isiah Thomas, LSU's Durand Macklin and North...

March 30, 1981 | Frank Deford

March 30, 1981 | Philip G. Howlett
With the NCAA playoffs and spring training both upon us, editing either college basketball or major league baseball for SI would appear to be a full-time assignment, but Senior Editor Larry Keith,...

March 30, 1981 | Mike DelNagro
Bruin Rick Middleton, whose nickname reflects his skills, is a one-man attack

March 30, 1981 | Anthony Cotton
Milwaukee easily won a division crown, but the Bucks don't want to stop there

March 30, 1981 | Douglas S. Looney
Led by Coach Willie Scroggs, upstart North Carolina is about to crash—and perhaps crush—the sport's elite

March 30, 1981 | William Oscar Johnson

March 30, 1981 | Jonathan Yardley
On August 3, 1908, the New York Tribune surveyed the baseball scene and found it wondrous to behold:

March 30, 1981
4—Walter Iooss Jr14-16—Andy Hayt17, 18—Manny Millan19—Richard Mackson21—Tony Tomsic24—Tony Tomsic (bottom)30—Steve Hansen (bottom)32—Walter Iooss Jr.33—Paul Kennedy34, 35—Jerry Wachter (left),...

March 30, 1981 | Compiled by N. Brooks Clark
COLLEGE BASKETBALL—FLORIDA SOUTHERN defeated Mount St. Mary's of Maryland 73-68 in Springfield, Mass. to win the NCAA Division II title.

March 30, 1981
BRENDA BUGLIONEVESTAL, N.Y.Buglione, 19, won three of the six slalom races and placed ninth overall in the four giant slaloms to win the combined-event title of the 10-race North American Ski...

March 30, 1981 | Edited by Gay Flood
GIVING BOXING A JOLTSir:I'm glad you're finally telling your readers what two-bit, money-grubbing, unprofessional clowns the WBC and WBA really are (Special Report: Time to Clean Up Boxing Again,...

March 30, 1981 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle

March 30, 1981 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle
•Billy Martin, skipper of the Oakland A's: "I believe if God had ever managed, He would have been very aggressive, the way I manage."