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May 25, 1981 | Volume 54, Issue 22

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A.J. Foyt Cover - Sports Illustrated May 25, 1981

May 25, 1981 | Donia McMurray-Kirmsse
In 1961, as I recall, nonconformity wasn't encouraged. Not, at least, among well-to-do San Francisco housewives such as myself. We tended to be unemployed, help organize charity balls, go to the...

May 25, 1981 | Jim Strain
Every time I see a net raised behind the goal posts for an extra-point or field-goal attempt in the NFL, I can't help feeling a bit sad. Sure, the net is probably the only way to prevent fans from...

May 25, 1981 | Larry Colton
Bottom of the fifth, nobody out. From the corner of my eye, I checked the runner on third, Steve Garvey, then stared in to get the catcher's sign. Fastball.

May 25, 1981
4—Courtesy Topps Chewing Gum Inc. (left), Ancil Nance26, 27—Paul Bereswill28—Tony Triolo29—Manny Millan30, 31—Tony Triolo, Manny Millan (insets)34—Peter Read Miller35-39—Andy Hayt40-42—Lane...

May 25, 1981 | Compiled by CRAIG NEFF
PRO BASKETBALL—The Celtics won their 14th NBA championship by defeating Houston four games to two in their best-of-seven series (page 34).

May 25, 1981
JENNINGS BOYDNORTHFORK, W. VA.Boyd, 47, has coached Class AA Northfork High to eight consecutive state basketball titles, a national record. His teams, 307-62 since 1966, have won 62 straight home...

May 25, 1981 | Edited by Gay Flood
THREE-SPORT MANSir:As Kenny Moore says in his excellent article The Three-Sport Man: Hail and Farewell (May 11), one is saddened that the American collegiate sports system as it exists today makes...

May 25, 1981 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

May 25, 1981 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Mike Eruzione, U.S. Olympic hockey hero, attending an auction at which a picture he created by shooting paint-doused pucks across a canvas sold for $36,000 to benefit the U.S. Olympic Committee:...

May 25, 1981 | E.M. Swift
Man up, man down, all even, the Islanders scored every which way to blast to a 3-0 Stanley Cup final lead over Minnesota

May 25, 1981
Gerry Cooney, the undefeated No. 1 heavyweight challenger, had knocked out 20 of 24 opponents, but the knocks on him were that he hadn't fought anyone of consequence and he only had a left hand....

May 25, 1981 | William Leggett
Pleasant Colony, a droopy-eared cipher before the Derby and Preakness, is now a solid bet for racing's Triple Crown

May 25, 1981 | John Papanek

May 25, 1981 | Philip G. Howlett
Strollers in Portland's Overlook Park last week were treated to a spirited softball game between the seriously outfitted, color-coordinated Magoo's tavern team and a rather loosely organized,...

May 25, 1981 | Daniel Okrent

May 25, 1981 | Franz Lidz
The flutterball style of The Baseball Bunch, a syndicated half-hour show for kids that was first aired on May 2 and will be shown every weekend until Labor Day, found a comfortable groove when...

May 25, 1981 | Douglas S. Looney

May 25, 1981 | Franz Lidz
As Sy Berger strolls through a major league locker room, he's as convivial and easygoing as a social director in a retirement village. He's downright courtly to the pitchers, friendly toward the...

May 25, 1981 | Bruce Newman
Cleveland's Len Barker promised only a no-hitter, but he delivered a lot more

May 25, 1981 | Herm Weiskopf

May 25, 1981 | Herm Weiskopf
LEN BARKER: The 6'4", 220-pound Cleveland righthander pitched the first perfect game in the majors in 13 years, beating Toronto 3-0. He struck out 11 Blue Jays and lowered his ERA to a...

May 25, 1981 | Dan Jenkins
The way to victory in the Colonial, that is, if not the future nature of the tour

May 25, 1981 | Bob Ottum