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June 01, 1981 | Volume 54, Issue 23

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Joe Frazier Cover - Sports Illustrated June 01, 1981

June 01, 1981
4—Mike Maple22—Paul Kennedy (bottom)22, 23—Stephen Green-Armytage23—Paul Kennedy (bottom)24—John Iacono (inset)24, 25—Heinz Kluetmeier25—Buck Miller (top), John Iacono (bottom)26—John Iacono28,...

June 01, 1981 | Compiled by N. BROOKS CLARK
BOATING—Australia, sailed by DON WOODS, BRETT DRYLAND and ROD WATERHOUSE, defeated Cool Cat by 1:01:30 to win the Worrell 1000 ocean race from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. to Virginia Beach, Va. for...

June 01, 1981
TED LONGALLENTOWN, PA.Long, 23, broke two national amateur bowling records by rolling his ninth 300 game and seventh 800-or-better series of the season at Blue Valley Lanes in Wind Gap, Pa. The...

June 01, 1981 | Edited by Gay Flood
FERNANDO (CONT.)Sir:Your photographs of Dodger rookie Fernando Valenzuela casting an upward glance while pitching (Will the Bubble Ever Burst? May 18) reveal the secret of his success, but not...

June 01, 1981 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

June 01, 1981 | Robert F. Jones

June 01, 1981 | Sam Moses
Of the 10 rookies to start the 65th Indianapolis 500, two were from the Psachie-Garza Racing Team, which itself was a rookie enterprise at the Speedway. Dave Psachie, the team's manager and...

June 01, 1981 | Pat Putnam
It cost Wilfred Benitez $575,000 to move up in class, but he earned a big reward in any case: Maurice Hope's WBC super welterweight title

June 01, 1981 | William Nack

June 01, 1981 | Clive Gammon

June 01, 1981 | Philip G. Howlett
Manhattan is heartless? So some say, but not around Pat O'Connor, who heads the group of keyboard operators that feeds every editorial word of SI into our computers each week. Her Upper West Side...

June 01, 1981 | Jack McCallum

June 01, 1981 | Robert W. Creamer
On Sunday night ABC will air a two-hour, made-for-television, prime-time movie called Don't Look Back, based on the life of Leroy (Satchel) Paige. The near-legendary pitcher spent the best years...

June 01, 1981 | Bruce Newman
Broderick Perkins looks sharp in the mirror and at bat, with a .346 average

June 01, 1981 | Herm Weiskopf

June 01, 1981 | Herm Weiskopf
JIM BIBBY: After being tagged for a leadoff single, the Pirate righthander retired the next 27 Braves in order as he won 5-0. He also slugged two doubles in that game and then homered as he...

June 01, 1981 | Anita Verschoth
Between 1972 and 1976, while Toni Sailer was the director of the Austrian Alpine ski team, he would disappear each summer just when his ski-federation bosses expected him to supervise off-season...

June 01, 1981 | E.M. Swift
Although it was Minnesota that had series MVP Butch Goring in stitches, 40 of 'em, New York basted the North Stars to win its second straight Stanley Cup

June 01, 1981 | Coles Phinizy
Despite refinements of that basic rule, the sixth Worrell 1000 was a smasheroo

June 01, 1981 | Sarah Pileggi

June 01, 1981 | Leonard Koppett
Not one fan in a thousand, I'd bet, has heard of baseball's Brotherhood War of 1890, and the vast majority of today's players, agents and club officials don't know anything about it, either. Yet...

June 01, 1981 | John Barsness
Every souvenir shop and bar along the main tourist routes of the West has its own unnatural wonder. On the wall, somewhere, will be the head of a jackalope—a jackrabbit combined via taxidermy with...