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June 29, 1981 | Volume 55, Issue 1

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David Graham Cover - Sports Illustrated June 29, 1981

June 29, 1981 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle

June 29, 1981 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle
•Pete Rose, answering criticism that he's un-American because he endorses Japanese products: "If there was ever a war, I'd fight for the United States."

June 29, 1981 | Dan Jenkins
Hitting every green, David Graham won the U.S. Open with a nearly flawless final round

June 29, 1981 | Kenny Moore
Having won the 100 and long jump at the NCAA meet, effervescent Carl Lewis duplicated Jesse Owens' track and field double double in the TAC championships in scorching Sacramento by triumphing in...

June 29, 1981 | Steve Wulf

June 29, 1981 | Bjarne Rostaing

June 29, 1981 | Philip G. Howlett
"I left home at 15, on a bicycle," says writer Bjarne (pronounced Barney) Rostaing. He left a note on the occasion of his departure saying he'd be back "at the end of the summer, probably." And he...

June 29, 1981 | Clive Gammon
In a bout in which Jim Watt lost his WBC lightweight title to Alexis Arguello, neither man felt compelled—before, during or after—to behave like an idiot. Amazing!

June 29, 1981 | Kent Hannon
Kevin Rhomberg has aspirations that would try The Little Engine That Could: a .400 average and a major league job

June 29, 1981 | Mike DelNagro
After Arizona State fired Frank Kush, he had to head for Canada to coach again

June 29, 1981 | Ray Kennedy
Appearing in their first U.S. Open, the Chinese played to win—for a change

June 29, 1981 | Frank Deford
In "The Cannonball Run," cars crash, blow up and plunge into pools (above), all in vain pursuit of genuine comedy

June 29, 1981 | John Underwood

June 29, 1981 | Franz Lidz
We tend to think of checkers as a game played by two Confederate Army veterans sitting at the base of the statue of Robert E. Lee in the courthouse square.

June 29, 1981
4—Tony Triolo18, 19—John Iacono20—George Tiedemann (top), Walter Iooss Jr.21—John Iacono (top), Walter Iooss Jr.22-24—Rich Clarkson25—Richard Mackson (top), Rich Clarkson26—Mark Perlstein27—Heinz...

June 29, 1981 | Compiled by N. BROOKS CLARK
BOATING—Britons CHAY BLYTH and ROB JAMES sailed the 65-foot trimaran Brittany Ferries GB to victory over 83 other yachts to win a double-handed transatlantic race between Plymouth, England and...

June 29, 1981
STU MITTLEMANNEW YORK CITYMittleman, 30, a 5'8", 142-pound teacher of sports psychology, beat a field of 38—13 of whom finished—to win his second straight New York City Invitational 100-mile run....

June 29, 1981 | Edited by Gay Flood
THE STRIKESir:In the short time since the baseball strike began I've noticed some drastic changes in my life and in my mental and physical behavior. I'm having fewer headaches and stomach...