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September 21, 1981 | Volume 55, Issue 13

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John McEnroe Cover - Sports Illustrated September 21, 1981

September 21, 1981 | Arnold Schechter
For sports fans, imitation has always been the most popular form of flattery. One generation of fans gobbles up No. 7 jerseys in honor of Mickey Mantle, and the next wipes out stocks of jerseys...

September 21, 1981 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

September 21, 1981 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Lou Holtz, Arkansas football coach, proclaiming his dislike of road trips: "I play as well on the road as I do at home, but my teams don't."

September 21, 1981 | Frank Deford

September 21, 1981 | Paul Zimmerman
Ken Stabler has come out of retirement and quarterbacked Houston to a 2-0 start. The question: Is he a cure-all or no cure at all?

September 21, 1981 | Steve Wulf

September 21, 1981 | John Underwood

September 21, 1981 | Sarah Pileggi

September 21, 1981 | Jim Kaplan
Born again by the Bay, Bob Knepper has rediscovered success with the Astros

September 21, 1981 | Herm Weiskopf

September 21, 1981 | Herm Weiskopf
BOB HORNER: The slugging third baseman for the Atlanta Braves batted .565, walloped his eighth and ninth home runs, drove across five runs and stole a base. He raised his batting average for the...

September 21, 1981 | Bob Ottum

September 21, 1981 | Jack McCallum
Lowly Wisconsin, which beat Michigan last in 1962, upended the Wolverines

September 21, 1981 | Philip G. Howlett
Robert H. Boyle, whose study of the effects of acid precipitation begins on page 68, lives high on a hill above the Hudson River, in Cold Spring, N.Y., where he ponders "the thread of my...

September 21, 1981 | Anthony Cotton

September 21, 1981 | Anthony Cotton
OFFENSE: Marcus Allen, USC's senior tailback, rushed for 210 yards in 22 carries, a 9.5 average, and scored four TD's in the Trojans' 43-7 win over Tennessee. Allen outgained the Vols in total...

September 21, 1981 | Mike DelNagro
When the Canada Cup was there on the line, the Soviets rose up, unleashed their big guns and outskated, outscored and humiliated Team Canada's NHL stars 8-1

September 21, 1981 | Robert H. Boyle

September 21, 1981
MAINE: Native brook trout have ceased reproducing in all small lakes over 2,000 feet in altitude. The pH in these lakes is 5 (pHs of less than 5.6 are hazardous to aquatic life). The headwater...

September 21, 1981 | Harry Middleton
This baseball strike gave me quiet Sunday afternoons and an opportunity to review my own career with bat and ball, particularly those years I spent in Little League. I played for Deaver's Electric...

September 21, 1981
6—Evelyn Floret18-21—Walter Iooss Jr.22—Manny Millan23—Walter Iooss Jr., Manny Millan (inset)26—Manny Rubio27—Ronald C. Modra28—Ronald C. Modra (top), Heinz Kluetmeier33—Heinz Kluetmeier44—Richard...

September 21, 1981 | Compiled by Alexander Wolff
BOXING—CLAUDE NOEL won the vacant WBA lightweight title with a 15-round unanimous decision over Rodolfo (El Gato) Gonzalez in Atlantic City, N.J.

September 21, 1981
RACHAEL WEIGHTMANLONGWOOD, FLA.Rachael, 10, set state girls' age-group swimming records in the 100-(1:06.63), 200-(2:24.67) and 400-meter (4:57.89) freestyles at the Florida Junior Olympics. She...

September 21, 1981 | Edited by Gay Flood
THE GREAT DEBATESir:I totally agree with John Underwood regarding his debate with Paul Zimmerman (A Running Debate, Sept. 7). I feel that the running attacks of most college football teams are...