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December 28, 1981 | Volume 55, Issue 27

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Ray Leonard Cover - Sports Illustrated December 28, 1981

December 28, 1981 | Art Hill
When an expert, experienced sports reporter has the guts to state publicly that amateurism, as it has traditionally been defined in America, is a "poison," he deserves to be heard. Leonard Koppett...

December 28, 1981
6—Lane Stewart20, 21—Walter Iooss Jr.22—Heinz Kluetmeier23—Walter Iooss Jr. (top), Ronald C. Modra24—Ronald C. Modra25—Ronald C. Modra (left), Walter Iooss Jr. (center), Roy Hobson26—Tony...

December 28, 1981
ETIKASEATTLEEtika, a 7-year-old sea otter, is the first of her species to have successfully borne and raised a pup in captivity, a feat she has accomplished—with help from Chtakch, her male tank...

December 28, 1981 | Compiled by ALEXANDER WOLFF
PRO BASKETBALL—Boston and Philadelphia continued to play leapfrog. Celtic wins over Dallas, 109-92, and Washington, 99-98 as Robert Parish scored 32 points, and a Sixer 117-115 loss to New York...

December 28, 1981 | Edited by Gay Flood
THE CLEMSON AFFAIRSir:Thanks for your views on the ABC-TV report concerning Clemson's possible recruiting violations (SCORECARD, Dec. 14). With one exception, we are South Carolina natives—and all...

December 28, 1981 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

December 28, 1981 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Ken Hayes, Oral Roberts' basketball coach, after his team trailed Oklahoma State by 13 at halftime, then lost 77-75: "We just dug ourselves into a 10-foot hole, then dug out nine feet, 11 inches."

December 28, 1981 | Paul Zimmerman

December 28, 1981 | Paul Zimmerman
Sooner or later the All-Pro pickers will get around to lining up their defense in a 3-4. So far no one has done it, but it would seem to be logical, because 17 of the 28 NFL teams now use the...

December 28, 1981 | Paul Zimmerman

December 28, 1981 | Pat Putnam
The redemption of Dwight Braxton continued as he won the WBC light heavyweight title

December 28, 1981 | Frank Deford

December 28, 1981 | Frank Deford

December 28, 1981 | E.M. Swift
It comes from the Spanish rodear, to surround: A rodeo was simply a cattle roundup, and, at the end of it, one cowboy might bet another that he could ride a rank stallion longer. Or tie a calf...

December 28, 1981 | John Papanek

December 28, 1981 | Philip G. Howlett
In 1953, when he was eight years old, artist Walt Spitzmiller's mother took him to a rodeo in his hometown of St. Louis. It was an amateur performance, and the "stadium" where it was held is now a...

December 28, 1981 | Curry Kirkpatrick
Georgetown has got a new edge in 7-foot freshman Center Pat Ewing

December 28, 1981 | Anthony Cotton

December 28, 1981 | Anthony Cotton
QUINTIN DAILEY: San Francisco's 6'4" junior guard scored 58 points in a pair of victories over Rice and Iona. For the season, Dailey averages 26.3 points per game for the Dons on 59% field-goal...

December 28, 1981 | Ron Rau

December 28, 1981 | E.M. Swift
Retired Alan Page will not miss football as much as it will miss him

December 28, 1981 | George Plimpton

December 28, 1981 | Andy Meisler
Only a few years ago a machine smart enough to play a decent chess game would fill an entire room. Later, scaled-down models began appearing in upscale toy stores. Now the latest marvels of...

December 28, 1981 | John Underwood
Surprised but not annoyed to discover I couldn't remember his name, I call the sports department of a local newspaper to help me.