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April 05, 1982 | Volume 56, Issue 14

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James Worthy Cover - Sports Illustrated April 05, 1982

April 05, 1982 | Curry Kirkpatrick
Than to be with Carolina after it had at last won the big one for Dean Smith, beating Georgetown 63-62

April 05, 1982 | Barry McDermott
Louisiana Tech steamed into Norfolk, Va. last week, opened up with its big guns and won the first NCAA women's basketball title. By sinking Tennessee 69-46 Friday night and then blasting the socks...

April 05, 1982 | E.M. Swift
At the NCAA hockey championship, North Dakota beat 1981 titlist Wisconsin with "professional" D

April 05, 1982 | Craig Neff
When defending champion Texas went flat, UCLA hopped to it, taking the NCAA swimming title with a win in the last event

April 05, 1982 | Dan Jenkins

April 05, 1982 | Dan Jenkins
1. TOM WATSON—Two-time winner, best putter in the game. Would win just to get back at the media he loves to hate.

April 05, 1982 | Craig Neff
This season Stanley Floyd proved himself to be the No. 1 sprinter indoors. Now he wants to regain that same ranking outdoors

April 05, 1982 | Bil Gilbert
All-America, Rhodes scholar, NBA player, Tom McMillen is emulating Bill Bradley. Next, elective office

April 05, 1982 | Steve Wulf
Minute by minute, what went down when the Dodgers' ace showed up

April 05, 1982 | Philip G. Howlett
When Associate Writer Steve Wulf wolfs Wheaties, it isn't exactly an event. He's been doing it all his life, which is the amount of time he estimates he spent researching and writing the story on...

April 05, 1982 | William Leggett
South Dakota-raised speedball Shimatoree strides toward Louisville

April 05, 1982 | Steve Wulf

April 05, 1982 | Franz Lidz
With the coming of warm weather and new grass in Yankee Stadium, I'm drawn back to the time when I was the world's greatest ballplayer for 47 seconds.

April 05, 1982
6—Walter Iooss Jr.19—George Tiedemann30, 31—Carl Iwasaki32—Manny Rubio35—Carl Iwasaki36, 37—George Tiedemann38—Ronald C. Modra39—Manny Rubio (top), Carl Skalak40—Ronald C. Modra57—Walter Iooss...

April 05, 1982 | Compiled by ROB BUCHANAN
COLLEGE BASKETBALL—NORTH CAROLINA defeated Georgetown 63-62 to win the NCAA Division I title in New Orleans (page 14).

April 05, 1982

April 05, 1982 | Edited by Gay Flood
TROUBLE IN FLORIDASir:As a lifetime Florida resident, I am truly grateful for your attention to my state's environmental dilemma. Your articles There's Trouble in Paradise (Feb. 9, 1981) and...

April 05, 1982 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

April 05, 1982 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Howard Cosell, informed by a reporter for the Riverside (Calif.) Press-Enterprise that authorities were investigating an apparently illegal pari-mutuel betting scheme at a celebrity golf...

April 05, 1982 | Sharon L. Roan
One day in 1905 the manager of a semi-pro baseball team in Hudson, S. Dak. needed someone to umpire a game. He didn't have to look far. Living in the farmhouse across the street from the local...