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April 19, 1982 | Volume 56, Issue 16

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Craig Stadler Cover - Sports Illustrated April 19, 1982

April 19, 1982 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

April 19, 1982 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Doug Plank, Chicago Bear safety, promising to heed new Coach Mike Ditka's plea for team unity, something not always apparent on Bear teams in the past: "This year I'm going to learn the names of...

April 19, 1982 | Dan Jenkins
The Masters' last holes had worked their devilment on Craig Stadler's six-shot lead. But in sudden death he got down in regulation and Dan Pohl did not

April 19, 1982 | Pat Putnam
The contender's shoulder has healed, so he and champion Larry Holmes can get it on for the heavyweight title on June 11

April 19, 1982 | Steve Wulf
Despite having the best record in baseball last year, Cincinnati made some drastic roster changes during the off-season

April 19, 1982 | Curry Kirkpatrick
And make the field Bjorn Borg did at home in sumptuous Monte Carlo, although victory eluded him in his first tournament since last fall

April 19, 1982 | Bruce Newman
The Celtics have so much talent and so much bench that Larry Bird doesn't even have to start for them to win the East

April 19, 1982 | Anthony Cotton
A late-season surge by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar indicates that he and the Lakers will prevail in the West

April 19, 1982 | Alexander Wolff
There may be wide disagreement in the NBA about who will triumph in the league's "second season," but 76ers Coach Billy Cunningham sums up the consensus among the league's big winners on one...

April 19, 1982 | Philip G. Howlett
Last week was Masters week in Augusta, Ga., of course, and, as it turned out for SI golf reporter Jane E. Bachman, also affectionately known as Bambi, or Bambi Jane, getting there was quite a bit...

April 19, 1982 | John Papanek

April 19, 1982 | Jim Kaplan
Where the Twins' players roam, and the skies are not cloudy all day

April 19, 1982 | Herm Weiskopf

April 19, 1982 | Herm Weiskopf
The lousy weather over much of the country last week caused six Tuesday openers to be rescheduled, the most Opening Day postponements anyone cared to remember. The following games are ranked...

April 19, 1982 | Herm Weiskopf
RICK MAHLER: The Atlanta righthander beat San Diego 1-0 on two hits and Houston 5-0 on five hits. He walked four and fanned 12 as he extended his two-year scoreless streak to a total of 23 innings.

April 19, 1982 | William Disesa
Although some attempt has been made to incorporate video techniques into tennis and golf instruction, today's typical lesson is still delivered verbally. But studies have proved that athletes...

April 19, 1982 | E.M. Swift
Chicago defeated Minnesota in an upsetting opening of the playoffs

April 19, 1982 | Kenny Moore
Alberto Salazar's invitational 10,000-meter race provided good times for all

April 19, 1982 | Craig Neff
Both veterans and water babies made waves at the short-course meet

April 19, 1982 | William Oscar Johnson

April 19, 1982
4—George Tiedemann16, 17—John Iacono18—Bill Eppridge (left), John Iacono19—George Tiedemann20—Tony Triolo21—Anthony Neste32—John Iacono33—Richard Mackson34—Tony Tomsic (top), Andy Hayt37—Paul...

April 19, 1982

April 19, 1982 | Compiled by MIKE DELNAGRO
PRO BASKETBALL—In the next-to-last week of the NBA regular season, Boston wrapped up its third consecutive Atlantic Division championship with a 106-103 victory over New Jersey, and Los Angeles...

April 19, 1982
WHEATIESSir:You are frequently the target of readers who question the appropriateness of some article in your magazine from the standpoint of what does that have to do with sports.