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May 31, 1982 | Volume 56, Issue 22

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Julius Erving Cover - Sports Illustrated May 31, 1982

May 31, 1982 | Franz Lidz
A hotshot Los Angeles lawyer named Jeff Wernick was flipping through a friend's album of U.S. stamps when it struck him that there were no stamps in it commemorating ballplayers. Then Wernick, who...

May 31, 1982 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

May 31, 1982 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•H.A. (Humpy) Wheeler, president of the Charlotte Motor Speedway, on next week's inaugural Detroit Grand Prix: "I just can't understand why anyone would run a race in Detroit around Renaissance...

May 31, 1982 | Anthony Cotton
Philadelphia again blew a 3-1 lead, but came back to its chamber of horrors and beat Boston to win the East

May 31, 1982 | Jim Kaplan

May 31, 1982 | Kenny Moore

May 31, 1982 | Joan Ackermann-Blount

May 31, 1982 | Frank Deford

May 31, 1982 | Alexander Wolff
A lengthy anthem helped turn San Diego's Tim Lollar into an ace lefty

May 31, 1982 | Herm Weiskopf

May 31, 1982 | Herm Weiskopf
The 10 least flattering, but still printable, nicknames of major league players:

May 31, 1982 | Herm Weiskopf
LARRY HERNDON: A three-home-run game was only part of the Detroit outfielder's hitting splurge. He also had a double, two triples and eight runs batted in, scored 10 times while batting a torrid .619

May 31, 1982 | Philip G. Howlett
Profiling the multifariously active and resourceful Gail Roper (page 34) was a particularly appropriate assignment for Joan Ackermann-Blount of Mill River, Mass., who writes sitting on a Western...

May 31, 1982 | Pat Putnam
WBC lightweight king Alexis Arguello got off the deck to KO Andy Ganigan

May 31, 1982 | Ron Fimrite

May 31, 1982
6—Frank White22, 23—Ronald C. Modra24, 25—Tony Tomsic26—Paul Bereswill, Ronald C. Modra (inset)27—Paul Bereswill (top), Ronald C. Modra (2)28—Ronald C. Modra29—Paul Bereswill (top), Ronald C....

May 31, 1982
GAIL KOZIARACHICOPEE, MASS.Koziara, a 6'3", 170-pound Dartmouth senior, put the shot 46'4¾ to win the Ivy League women's title for an unprecedented fourth straight year. As a basketball forward,...

May 31, 1982 | Compiled by MIKE DELNAGRO
PRO BASKETBALL—Philadelphia won the NBA's Eastern Conference title series, beating Boston 120-106 in a decisive seventh game (page 22).

May 31, 1982 | Edited by Gay Flood
Sir:Jim Doherty's article (May 17) was another startling reminder of who and what are really in control of this country. To me, the most poignant line in the entire story was Dick Randall's...