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December 13, 1982 | Volume 57, Issue 25

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Marcus Allen Cover - Sports Illustrated December 13, 1982

December 13, 1982 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

December 13, 1982 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Earl Strom, basketball referee, when Elvin Hayes broke the NBA record for career fouls: "I felt like stopping the game and giving him my whistle."

December 13, 1982 | Ron Fimrite

December 13, 1982 | Pat Putnam
A renowned slugger turned boxer, Thomas Hearns separated Wilfred Benitez from his WBC super welterweight title

December 13, 1982 | Bruce Newman
The bad old season of '81-82, that is, all because Cotton Fitzsimmons has K.C. cruising in the Midwest

December 13, 1982 | Paul Zimmerman
Miami's Bob Kuechenberg, once an NFL reject, is now lord of a manor

December 13, 1982 | Philip G. Howlett
It's a tribute to Walter Bingham's versatility that his ascent of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S masthead has resembled that of a climber on Everest, his steady movement upward having been interrupted by...

December 13, 1982 | Bruce Newman

December 13, 1982 | Ralph Wiley
Tennessee's versatile Dale Ellis may be the country's best at his position

December 13, 1982 | Herm Weiskopf

December 13, 1982 | Richard Rogin
When runners sing of the meccas of America (O Walt Whitman!), they hail Eugene, Ore., of course, and Boulder, Colo. But why not two cheers at least for Gainesville, Fla. as a part-time training...

December 13, 1982 | John Feinstein
Blaine Stoughton: unknown scorer

December 13, 1982 | Franz Lidz

December 13, 1982 | Frank Deford
"That Championship Season": a win

December 13, 1982 | Bil Gilbert

December 13, 1982 | Bil Gilbert
We have been curious about other animals for a very long time—probably for about as long as we have been—but we have had remarkably little success in satisfying this curiosity. We can better...

December 13, 1982 | Jack Maley
For kids with fantasies of football greatness, particularly those kids who want to test themselves against the best players in the country in their age group, Philadelphia is a great place to grow...

December 13, 1982
4—Manny Millan13—Illustration by Sam Q. Weissman18, 19—Andy Hayt20—Richard Mackson21—Andy Hayt22—Richard Mackson23—Andy Hayt24—Tony Triolo25—Tony Tomsic26—Carl Skalak27-33—Andy Hayt34—Ronald C....

December 13, 1982 | Compiled by ARMEN KETEYIAN
PRO BASKETBALL—Last season the Dallas Mavericks lost 24 times before getting their eighth win. This year Dallas split its first 16 games, and folks in the Big D are talking playoffs. Only a...

December 13, 1982
ALAN SMITHATLANTAAlan, a senior at Paideia High, broke the state Class A soccer scoring record with 34 goals in 13 games. A forward and team co-captain, he led Paideia to its first Georgia soccer...

December 13, 1982 | Edited By Gay Flood
Sir:The article .... (Nov. 29) by Ahmad Rashad as told to Frank Deford was sensitive, and thus, unlike almost all poststrike articles that will be written, it offered a refreshing angle. The image...

December 13, 1982 | Jim Strain
It was conceived as a harmless hoax and a slick way to get our names in the newspaper, but afterward we all regretted it. The truth is that my friend Jeff didn't make the hole in one we said he...

December 13, 1982 | Jim Schottelkotte
In the winter of 1965-66, the old Cincinnati Royals of the National Basketball Association persuaded the Ford Motor Co. to donate an automobile as the MVP prize for the league's 16th annual...