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January 24, 1983 | Volume 58, Issue 3

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Andra Franklin Cover - Sports Illustrated January 24, 1983

January 24, 1983
4—Lane Stewart14, 15—Manny Millan16, 17—Manny Rubio18, 19—Andy Hayt20—Peter Read Miller21, 22—Walter Iooss Jr.23—John Iacono24—Ronald C. Modra27—Jerry Wachter34—Ronald C. Modra80, 81—Paul...

January 24, 1983 | Compiled by ARMEN KETEYIAN
PRO BASKETBALL—Even though Julius Erving missed two games with an injured wrist, the Philadelphia 76ers, leaders in the Atlantic Division, stretched their unbeaten string to 11 games—and ran their...

January 24, 1983

January 24, 1983 | Edited by Gay Flood
ENLIGHTENED FOOTBALLSir:Congratulations to John Underwood for his fine article on Notre Dame (Casting a Special Light, Jan. 10). I was very impressed by his unbiased and honest approach to the...

January 24, 1983 | Ralph Wiley
In eerily lit Texas Stadium, Dallas came up with big plays on offense and defense to defeat Green Bay

January 24, 1983 | Paul Zimmerman
Coach Walt Michaels' New York Jets had just beaten the detested Los Angeles Raiders, 17-14, last Saturday to advance to the AFC finals—against Miami, it turned out the next day—and now it was 10...

January 24, 1983 | John Papanek
A year ago it was The Game No One Should Have Lost, a gut-wrenching thriller in which the Miami Dolphins overcame a 24-0 first-quarter deficit only to lose 41-38 in overtime to the San Diego...

January 24, 1983 | Steve Wulf
Forty Gut, 50 Gut, Riggins right, Riggins left, Riggins around end, Riggins ironing another defensive back onto the turf, Riggins, Riggins, Riggins, 37 times Riggins. When John Riggins was through...

January 24, 1983 | Steve Wulf
If there's any one word that describes St. Louis Pitcher Joaquin Andujar, it would most surely be "Youneverknow"

January 24, 1983 | Bob Ottum
PKA full-contact karate packs a mean punch, too, which is why it has a leg up on becoming a hit

January 24, 1983 | Philip G. Howlett
In a sunny, paint-perfumed studio on the fourth floor of a Greenwich Village walk-up, Artist Bob Cunningham created the pictures for Sam Moses' story on trapper Oscar Cronk, which begins on page...

January 24, 1983 | Alexander Wolff
A much-traveled forward helped the New Jersey Nets win 11 straight

January 24, 1983 | E.M. Swift
The struggling Canadiens have brilliant Bob Gainey on D, but that's about it

January 24, 1983 | Roger Jackson
A dynamic defensive duo at guard has paced Arkansas to a 13-0 record

January 24, 1983 | Herm Weiskopf

January 24, 1983 | Herm Weiskopf
ANTOINE CARR: Three weeks after returning to action after suffering a stress fracture of his right shinbone, the 6'9" senior paced Wichita State to three wins, with 68 points, 25 rebounds and 10...

January 24, 1983 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

January 24, 1983 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•John Candelaria, Pirate pitcher, to overweight 6'5" Pittsburgh Outfielder Dave Parker, on hearing that Parker was planning to become a vegetarian: "What are you going to eat? Redwoods?"

January 24, 1983 | William Taaffe
Beleaguered ESPN will try to cut its losses with a financial news show

January 24, 1983 | Sam Moses