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February 14, 1983 | Volume 58, Issue 6

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Cheryl Tiegs Cover - Sports Illustrated February 14, 1983

February 14, 1983 | Ron Green
It's been nearly a year since North Carolina's Tar Heels ended a quarter-century of frustration by defeating Georgetown 63-62 to win the NCAA basketball title. But if you walked into The Shrunken...

February 14, 1983 | Giles Tippette
When Blinn College gave me my football letter sweater 28 years after I won it, I never thought it was going to cause me so much trouble. If I had, I guarantee you I would have turned it down.

February 14, 1983 | Kenny Moore
There we crouched, on our fourth day in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area of northern Minnesota, under a tarpaulin tied to saplings, beside a smoky birch fire, in the rain. It had rained every day....

February 14, 1983
4—Walter Iooss Jr.23—Illustration by Sam Q. Weissman28, 29—Jerry Wachter30, 31—Lane Stewart (top), Mickey Pfleger32, 33—Dick Raphael34, 35—Dick Raphael (left), Anthony Neste (bottom center), Paul...

February 14, 1983 | Compiled by N. BROOKS CLARK
PRO BASKETBALL—All the records obliterated during the week in the NBA belonged to the Lakers' Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. An electrical short in his music room apparently started a fire that destroyed...

February 14, 1983
BOB BENDELMOORESTOWN, N.J.Bendel, 56, a model, hoisted 473¾ pounds to set his second American 55-59 age-group record in two months for the dead lift in the 165-pound class. The mark was...

February 14, 1983 | Edited by Gay Flood
FATE OF THE COWBOYSSir:Ah, come on, SI. The Dallas Cowboys exposed as "a creaking battleship that has seen its best days, its engines straining, the rifling in its gun barrels worn out" (A Capital...

February 14, 1983 | Sarah Pileggi
Emmett Watson is a former sportswriter who went "over the wall," as he puts it, in 1956 and for the next 26 years wrote a six-days-a-week general column for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. In...

February 14, 1983 | Jane Gross
In the hiatus between the World Series and spring training Maryanne Ellison Simmons has had the time and the peace to muse on the experience of watching her husband, Ted, the Milwaukee Brewers'...

February 14, 1983 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

February 14, 1983 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Joe Morrison, the new football coach at South Carolina, on moving to Columbia after having coached at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga and the University of New Mexico: "At least I can...

February 14, 1983 | Dan Jenkins
Old reliable Tom Kite tamed Pebble Beach's 7th hole and all the others during a record round setting up his victory in a Crosby that was sometimes sunny, but always soggy

February 14, 1983 | Jack Falla

February 14, 1983 | Curry Kirkpatrick
The union of Bjorn Borg and sleazy commercialism ill-suited him as he made a farewell exhibition tour in the U.S.

February 14, 1983 | Philip G. Howlett
If the models in this year's swimsuit pictures (pages 54-73), shot on the North Coast of Jamaica, appear to be in pretty darn good shape, it's no accident. In screening models, Associate Editor...

February 14, 1983 | Joe Theismann

February 14, 1983 | Jule Campbell
That's how Christopher Columbus described Jamaica when he first distinguished its "sheer and darkly green" silhouette on the evening of May 3, 1494. Nearly 500 years later, modern visitors to the...

February 14, 1983 | E.M. Swift
A slim Rosalynn Sumners edged out a zaftig Elaine Zayak in the nationals

February 14, 1983 | Anthony Cotton
Rugged Illinois State is beating up on the Missouri Valley Conference

February 14, 1983 | Roger Jackson

February 14, 1983 | Roger Jackson
XAVIER McDANIEL: The sophomore forward scored 64 points, hitting 24 of 44 from the field and 16 of 25 from the line, and had 51 rebounds as Wichita State won three Missouri Valley Conference games.

February 14, 1983 | Craig Neff
After Billy Olson vaulted to an indoor mark, Carl Lewis set a 60-yard record

February 14, 1983 | Demmie Stathoplos
Still racing and winning money at 14, Port Conway Lane is a real corker

February 14, 1983 | Kenny Moore