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March 21, 1983 | Volume 58, Issue 12

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Billy Goodwin Cover - Sports Illustrated March 21, 1983

March 21, 1983
4—Brian Lanker15—AP20, 21—Andy Hayt22—Jerry Wachter23—Andy Hayt24—Jerry Wachter (top), Andy Hayt25—Andy Hayt26, 27—Peter Read Miller (top), Richard Mackson (2)28, 29—David Lissy (top), Tony...

March 21, 1983 | Compiled by FRANZ LIDZ
PRO BASKETBALL—When Houston Forward Major Jones pleaded "no contest" to a drunk-driving charge last week, he unwittingly described most of the games his team has played this season. The 11-53...

March 21, 1983
SOPHIE PORTERWILMINGTON, DEL.Sophie, 17, a senior at Choate Rosemary Hall school, took every game of her five matches to win the national junior girls' squash title in Philadelphia. She defeated...

March 21, 1983 | Edited by Gay Flood
Sir:What a difference a year makes. Herschel Walker was on the cover of your March 7 issue ("Hitting Pay Dirt") almost one year to the day after another Walker cover (March 1, 1982) asked: "Will...

March 21, 1983 | Henry Hecht
By now, just about every baseball fan is aware of the game's newest official stat—it's only three years old—the game-winning RBI, the ribbie that puts a team ahead to stay. It means that if you...

March 21, 1983 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

March 21, 1983 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•The Rev. John Lo Schiavo, president of the University of San Francisco, when asked if Queen Elizabeth had said anything to him when he attended a state dinner for her in San Francisco: "Yes, she...

March 21, 1983 | Curry Kirkpatrick
Inspired by a familiar setting, St. John's defeated nemesis Boston College for the Big East championship

March 21, 1983 | Ralph Wiley
Oakland's USFL entry got a rousing welcome from 47,344 jilted NFL fans

March 21, 1983 | William Oscar Johnson

March 21, 1983 | Jim Kaplan

March 21, 1983 | Jim Kaplan
It's a rare rookie who's able to become a starting shortstop, but this spring there are a number of newcomers who could turn the trick: Oakland's Tony Phillips moves with grace afield and speed on...

March 21, 1983 | Jim Kaplan
Second Baseman Bill Doran hit .302 for Tucson and .278 in 26 games with the Astros.

March 21, 1983 | Philip G. Howlett
When a baseball player starts peppering his conversation with Wall Street buzz words like "upside potential" and "downside risk," you may think he's paying more attention to his stocks than his...

March 21, 1983 | Bruce Newman

March 21, 1983 | Bob Ottum
The U.S. skaters swept the individual world titles at Helsinki

March 21, 1983 | Douglas S. Looney
Iowa had it easier than ever in winning its sixth straight NCAAs

March 21, 1983 | Jack McCallum
Playing on their own court, the Hoosiers beat Ohio State for the Big Ten title

March 21, 1983 | Alexander Wolff

March 21, 1983 | Alexander Wolff
LEROY COMBS: Oklahoma State's 6'8" senior center was the tournament's MVP for scoring 69 points, getting 33 rebounds and making 11 steals in three games as the Cowboys won the Big Eight title.

March 21, 1983 | Joy Duckett
Personalized linen, license plates, clothing, luggage, marathon finishes. Marathon finishes? For sure, at least for the first 13,500 or so interested runners who crossed the line in last year's...

March 21, 1983 | William Taaffe
No matter who pays what, baseball's new network deal will make it a winner

March 21, 1983 | Bobby Mitchell

March 21, 1983 | Frank Deford
Nineteen eighty-two was one terrific year for purple. Kansas State actually got to a bowl game, and Northwestern actually won a football game. In fact, three of 'em. When I think of purple, which...

March 21, 1983 | Richard Phelan
On Sept. 15, 1896, on a stretch of prairie a few miles north of Waco, Texas, two steam locomotives, each going 60 mph and each pulling six boxcars, crashed head on. At least forty thousand...