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May 16, 1983 | Volume 58, Issue 20

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Sunny's Halo Cover - Sports Illustrated May 16, 1983

May 16, 1983 | Terry Todd
In the late winter of 1957 I was a freshman at the University of Texas in Austin. I was also a member of the tennis team. At 6'2", 245 pounds I was taller than most and, by far, heavier than...

May 16, 1983 | Michael Baughman
"I'm doing what I want to do," Dave Siddon says. "I figured out a long time ago that doing what you really enjoy is a lot more important than getting rich, so I'm here, and I'm happy."

May 16, 1983
4—Lane Stewart25—Illustration by Sam Q. Weissman30, 31—Heinz Kluetmeier32—Jerry Cooke33—Ronald C. Modra (top), Heinz Kluetmeier34—Heinz Kluetmeier35—Barton Silverman36, 37—Jerry Wachter38, 39—Tony...

May 16, 1983 | Compiled by ROGER JACKSON
PRO BASKETBALL—In last season's Western Conference finals, Los Angeles humiliated San Antonio in four straight games on the way to the NBA title. This year, the vengeful Spurs took four of five...

May 16, 1983
JEFF LAWSONTULSALawson, a righthand-hitting senior third baseman for Phillips University, hit 33 home runs in 51 games for the Haymakers this season to establish an NAIA single-season record. He...

May 16, 1983 | Edited by Gay Flood
BENOIT'S BOSTONSir:The article about Joan Benoit (The Marathon's Maine Woman, May 2) was excellent. Kenny Moore and Lisa Twyman did a fine job of capturing this extraordinary woman's determination...

May 16, 1983 | Armen Keteyian
There are an estimated 15 million golfers in the U.S. Some hardy souls are wedded to one putter. However, for the rest of us—who have a putter for every day of the week, who are mostly responsible...

May 16, 1983 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

May 16, 1983 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Jim Valvano, North Carolina State basketball coach, on his unsuccessful attempt while at Iona to recruit Rodney McCray, who wound up starring at Louisville: "I knew I was in trouble when I took...

May 16, 1983 | William Nack

May 16, 1983 | William Leggett
About an hour before Princess Rooney was to run in last Friday's $180,700 Kentucky Oaks for 3-year-old fillies at Churchill Downs, trainer Frank Gomez felt a tug on his sleeve as a friend...

May 16, 1983 | Jeff Wheelwright

May 16, 1983 | Philip G. Howlett
Writer-Reporter Demmie Stathoplos, who assisted Writer William Nack with the Kentucky Derby story that starts on page 30, began to cover horse racing for SI in 1972. The next year she found...

May 16, 1983 | Curry Kirkpatrick
Amid the suits and slurs at Forest Hills, John McEnroe showed he can really dish it out on the dirt

May 16, 1983 | Ron Fimrite

May 16, 1983 | Franz Lidz

May 16, 1983 | Michael Parfit
Ashley Root is a young man who has known suffering. For years he was a fan of the Washington Capitals, which meant that when he went to a hockey game, he could expect to lose. One night in January...

May 16, 1983 | Ivan Maisel
As his idol, Pete Rose, once did, Ron Oester stars for the hometown Reds

May 16, 1983 | Herm Weiskopf
The two most influential pitching coaches in the Atlanta organization—Bob Gibson, who works with the Braves, and Johnny Sain, who instructs the minor-leaguers—have theories as different as the...

May 16, 1983 | Herm Weiskopf
JOHNNY BENCH: The Cincinnati third baseman was 11 for 21 (.524) with six runs batted in. One of his hits, a single to left off Philadelphia's Steve Carlton, was the 2,000th of his 16-year major...

May 16, 1983 | Steve Kluger
Here's the best and worst culinary fare found at big league concession stands

May 16, 1983 | Ralph Wiley
Trumaine Johnson of the Blitz is the leading receiver in the USFL

May 16, 1983 | E. M. Swift
Mike Bossy led the Islanders past the Bruins and into the Stanley Cup finals

May 16, 1983 | William Taaffe
Despite flaws, CBS outshoots its rivals in covering the NBA playoffs

May 16, 1983 | Clive Gammon
By permitting some integration in sports, as in this soccer game in Soweto, South Africa has created an illusion of progress where little change exists

May 16, 1983 | Clive Gammon
South Africa's campaign to become part of world sport again has been double-pronged. While at home the government has concentrated on easing some of the petty apartheid laws and on developing...

May 16, 1983 | Grady Jim Robinson
"We've got one last chance," I mumbled to Kenny Kaaiohelo, my old college pal, who had just driven 10 hours and 500 miles from Edmond, Okla. with his two sons, Jason and Jared, to see the sixth...