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June 20, 1983 | Volume 58, Issue 25

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Marcus Dupree Cover - Sports Illustrated June 20, 1983

June 20, 1983 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

June 20, 1983 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Tony LaRussa, the 38-year-old manager of the Chicago White Sox: "The toughest thing for me as a young manager is that a lot of my players saw me play. They know how bad I was."

June 20, 1983 | William Nack
A game Caveat survived a rough trip to win the 115th Belmont Stakes at Belmont Park for, among others, a man named Belmont

June 20, 1983 | Ralph Wiley
George Allen's Blitz thundered past Tampa Bay in a key USFL contest

June 20, 1983 | Steve Wulf

June 20, 1983 | Douglas S. Looney

June 20, 1983 | Robert L. Miller
When Jackie Robinson broke through Organized Baseball's color barrier by joining the Montreal Royals in 1946, Jules Tygiel had not yet been born. But Tygiel, a 34-year-old associate professor of...

June 20, 1983 | Ivan Maisel

June 20, 1983 | Jim Kaplan
Toronto Reliever Randy Moffitt is healthy, so now the hitters are hurting

June 20, 1983 | Herm Weiskopf
When this season ends, so will his playing days, Third Baseman Johnny Bench, 35, of the Reds announced last week. "I want to be remembered as the greatest catcher who ever played," said Bench, who...

June 20, 1983 | Herm Weiskopf
White Sox rookie Ron Kittle, who had slammed 13 home runs through Sunday, was hit twice by Angel pitchers last week. So it seemed to be a clear case of retaliation when Chicago pitchers sent...

June 20, 1983 | Herm Weiskopf
Houston's Nolan Ryan, who passed Walter Johnson as baseball's career strikeout leader on April 27, isn't abdicating as King of the Ks without a fight. Philadelphia's Steve Carlton passed Ryan on...

June 20, 1983 | Herm Weiskopf
LOU WHITAKER: The Tiger second baseman was 17 for 35, scored nine runs and drove in six with two game-winning RBIs. Among his hits were four doubles, three triples and two homers.

June 20, 1983 | Barry McDermott
Rising star Patty Sheehan iced the LPGA title with a run of five birdies

June 20, 1983 | Jules Tygiel

June 20, 1983 | Jules Tygiel
It is remembered as Robinson's summer, but there were four other blacks who were playing Organized Baseball in 1946.

June 20, 1983
4—Mickey Pfleger13—Hank Koster18, 19—Jacqueline Duvoisin20—Jerry Cooke21—John Iacono (top), Jerry Cooke24, 25—Jerry Wachter (top), Manny Millan (insets)26—Manny Millan27, 28—Jerry Wachter31—Manny...

June 20, 1983 | Compiled by LISA TWYMAN
BASEBALL—TEXAS beat Alabama 4-3 to win the College World Series in Omaha.

June 20, 1983
LYLE NELSONSODA SPRINGS, CALIF.Nelson, 34, a two-time member of the U.S. Olympic Biathlon team, won his fifth straight Sierra Mountain triathlon, held in Squaw Valley, Calif. He skied...

June 20, 1983 | Franz Lidz
The first real improvement in the heavy bag in 111 years gives a boxer the sensation of having popped someone in the gut. "It feels human," says Tom Critelli of his water-filled invention. "It's...

June 20, 1983 | Edited by Gay Flood
WASHINGTON'S HOGSSir:I have no beef about your article on the world champion Redskins' Head Hog. George Starke (He's the Head Hog, By George. June 6). Jack McCallum's story revealed a seldom seen...