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July 11, 1983 | Volume 59, Issue 2

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John McEnroe Cover - Sports Illustrated July 11, 1983

July 11, 1983 | Lisa Twyman
In his book The Joy of Sports, Michael Novak wrote, "Basketball is jazz: improvisatory, free, individualistic, corporate, sweaty, fast, exulting, screeching, torrid, explosive...." This is...

July 11, 1983 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

July 11, 1983 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Whitey Herzog, Cardinal manager, after newly acquired Pitcher Neil Allen, a notably poor bunter, laid down a perfect suicide squeeze against his former team, the Mets: "I wasn't taking a very big...

July 11, 1983 | Curry Kirkpatrick
Both John McEnroe and Martina Navratilova walked right through Wimbledon

July 11, 1983 | Ralph Wiley
Herschel Walker was a hit, but with no supporting cast even he wasn't able to make the USFL the big time

July 11, 1983 | Kenny Moore
In a 15-minute span Evelyn Ashford and Calvin Smith set world records for 100 meters at the National Sports Festival

July 11, 1983 | Dan Levin
Julie Ridge, Broadway actress and Channel swimmer, plans to make her next splash by swimming all around the town—twice

July 11, 1983 | Robert L. Miller
"My goal was always to work for SI. I was obsessed," says Contributing Photographer Ron Modra, whose pictures illustrate the articles on swimmer Julie Ridge (page 36) and Pitcher Dan Quisenberry...

July 11, 1983 | Sarah Pileggi
Courageous gave a special magic to surprisingly close U.S. trials as America's Cup competition began

July 11, 1983 | William Taaffe
After being sold short for years, Al Michaels has become a top commodity

July 11, 1983 | Ralph Wiley
Bobby Chacon's wife took her life, and his title was taken away, but he remains wedded to boxing

July 11, 1983 | Jeremiah Tax
By turns, Michael Mewshaw's Short Circuit (Atheneum, $13.95) is a hilarious, naive, incisive, stylish book that deserves being summed up in a single word: important. Anyone with a stake or merely...

July 11, 1983 | William F. Reed
The Cardinal affiliate leads its division and should draw one million fans

July 11, 1983 | Herm Weiskopf
Controversial Cuban Outfielder Barbaro Garbey (SI, June 13), who was hitting .341 for Evansville of the American Association, was suspended last week for hitting a spectator with a bat. The...

July 11, 1983 | Herm Weiskopf
There was a vast improvement last week in the playing conditions at Cleveland's Municipal Stadium, which according to a recent SI poll of players had the worst in-held surface in the American...

July 11, 1983 | Herm Weiskopf
Some people who saw Seattle righthander Glenn Abbott late last year didn't think he'd be alive now, let alone in the majors.

July 11, 1983 | Herm Weiskopf
JIM RICE: The Red Sox leftfielder hit six home runs, giving him an American League-leading 22. He also batted .423, going 11 for 26, with two doubles, nine runs and 13 RBIs, one a game-winner.

July 11, 1983 | Bruce Newman
No pie in the sky: Two Americans could win medals in the Olympics

July 11, 1983 | Steve Wulf

July 11, 1983
4—Douglas S. Looney15—Illustration by Sam Q. Weissman20, 21—Steve Powell22, 23—Russ Adams (right), Steve Powell (2)24—Fred Mullen, Walter Iooss Jr. (inset)25—Russ Adams26, 27—Jacqueline Duvoisin...

July 11, 1983 | Compiled by LISA TWYMAN
CREW—At the 144th Henley Royal Regatta in England, LONDON ROWING CLUB & UNIVERSITY OF LONDON defeated Cambridge to win the Grand Challenge Cup for elite eights. The only U.S. winner was...

July 11, 1983
VERN KENNEDYMENDON, MO.Kennedy, 76, who was a major league pitcher for 12 years, won the discus, the shotput, the football throw, the softball throw and the javelin in the U.S. Senior Olympics...

July 11, 1983 | Edited by Gay Flood
ROBERTO DURANSir:Thank you for William Nack's article on Roberto Duran's victory over Davey Moore (He That Was Lost Has Been Found, June 27). Even though Duran had lost to Wilfred Benitez and then...