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November 07, 1983 | Volume 59, Issue 20

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Roberto Duran Cover - Sports Illustrated November 07, 1983

November 07, 1983 | Jim Kaplan
One of the more Olympian preparations for Sarajevo was finding the 21 international artists whose prints and posters, promoting the 1984 Winter Olympics in Yugoslavia, are currently on tour in the...

November 07, 1983 | Edited by Gay Flood
THE 1983 SERIESSir:Congratulations on your Oct. 24 cover shot of Baltimore Catcher Rick Dempsey and your fine articles on the World Series (The Orioles All Pitched In). Ronald C. Modra's...

November 07, 1983 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

November 07, 1983 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•William Perry, Clemson middle guard, on the two-year TV and postseason ban imposed on the Tigers by the NCAA: "What makes it hard is that we can't watch television for two years."

November 07, 1983
On the biggest day of the season, Illinois, Auburn, Maryland and Miami all staked claims to big bowls

November 07, 1983 | Steve Wulf
Like something out of a dream, a tidal wave of orange and blue came sweeping over Zuppke Field in Champaign, Ill. Saturday afternoon. It toppled two sets of metal goalposts as if they were built...

November 07, 1983 | Craig Neff
Florida football Coach Charley Pell stood beneath the stands at Auburn's Jordan-Hare Stadium, fuming. "I hope some way, somehow, there's justice found for those officials," he said angrily. "This...

November 07, 1983 | Jack McCallum
Yep, right on schedule: The leaves have started to fall and so has North Carolina's football team. The much-anticipated annual event occurred Saturday at Maryland's Byrd Stadium, where the...

November 07, 1983 | John Underwood
Bernie Kosar, Miami's unfreshmanlike freshman quarterback, characterizes the Hurricane offense as "disciplined." He figures it has to be to execute all the gymnastics and high-wire acts that Coach...

November 07, 1983 | Bob Ottum

November 07, 1983 | Robert L. Miller
After Joe Delaney of the Kansas City Chiefs drowned last June in a heroic attempt to save the lives of two small boys, Senior Writer Frank Deford expressed a desire to do an appreciative story to...

November 07, 1983 | Bob Ottum
In any other sport, they'd be described as comers. Maybe contenders. But in ice dancing, which operates in its own little, intensely political sphere, the U.S. team of Judy Blumberg and Michael...

November 07, 1983 | Frank Deford

November 07, 1983 | N. Brooks Clark
Columbia's quarterback, John Witkowski, is as good as his team is bad

November 07, 1983 | N. Brooks Clark

November 07, 1983 | N. Brooks Clark
OFFENSE: Terry Nugent, who completed 29 of 41 passes, drove the Rams 80 yards in the final 40 seconds and then passed for the winning two points in Colorado State's 25-24 victory over New Mexico.

November 07, 1983 | Dan Levin
China won the title, the U.S.S.R. had the star

November 07, 1983 | Anthony Cotton
The Pacers formally tipped off their renewal with tuxedos—and a loss

November 07, 1983 | Paul Zimmerman
Just when it seemed the New York Jets were a bust, they boomed the 49ers

November 07, 1983 | William Taaffe
"Bay City Blues" paints a vivid—and banal—picture of bush league ball

November 07, 1983 | William Hack

November 07, 1983 | Franz Lidz
Chess has chugged along for the last 1,400 years as a one-on-one contest of rigorous study, Spartan discipline and iron will. Now an ethereal Episcopal priest and a horticulturalist hung up on...

November 07, 1983 | Jay Feldman
Snaring a foul ball is among a baseball fan's fondest dreams. From the 8-year-old who holds up his mitt and implores each batter to "hit one over here," to the businessman in the three-piece suit...

November 07, 1983
2, 3—Manny Millan (left), Heinz Kluetmeier (top) Bill Luster4—Aetna Life Insurance13—Illustration by Sam Q. Weissman16—Mickey Pfleger18, 19—Heinz Kluetmeier20, 21—Heinz Kluetmeier (top left,...

November 07, 1983 | Compiled by DEMMIE STATHOPLOS
PRO BASKETBALL—The NBA opened its 38th season with striking referees picketing outside the Spectrum and Madison Square Garden, but it was the substitute referees who were crying foul. Two nights...

November 07, 1983
TIM BORERORLANDO, FLA.Borer, a sophomore goalkeeper for the University of North Carolina-Greensboro soccer team, set a school record with his 11th shutout—in only 12 games—of the season in the...