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December 05, 1983 | Volume 59, Issue 24

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Sam Bowie Cover - Sports Illustrated December 05, 1983

December 05, 1983 | Richard Rogin
One of the enlightening books in the track and field aficionado's traveling library is a small green paperback crammed with metric distance conversions and the basic rules of the sport, which...

December 05, 1983 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

December 05, 1983 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Moses Malone, Philadelphia 76ers center, on the presence in the NBA of the Houston Rockets' towering 7'4" rookie center, Ralph Sampson: "My advice to Ralph is to gain weight, like I did. I...

December 05, 1983 | Curry Kirkpatrick

December 05, 1983 | Pat Putnam
By wading in like his slugging dad, Marvis Frazier fell to Larry Holmes

December 05, 1983 | Dan Jenkins
When golf's greatest foursome met for a $360,000 game of skins, they had a bonny Desert Highlands fling

December 05, 1983 | Alexander Wolff
Though U.S. lugers don't figure to win Olympic gold, they've improved so rapidly they might win a medal

December 05, 1983 | Steve Wulf

December 05, 1983 | Robert L. Miller
Milton B. Carter is our new editorial operations director, succeeding Senior Editor Bob Brown, SI's pioneer in supervising the development of the electronic technology we are installing for the...

December 05, 1983 | Bob Ottum

December 05, 1983 | Bob Ottum
Technically, what a ski jumper does when he soars from the takeoff to the outrun below is called the "ride," but spectators who watch jumping infrequently find that concept hard to grasp. A ride...

December 05, 1983 | Jack McCallum
Nebraska remained unbeaten and No. 1 by holding off Oklahoma

December 05, 1983 | N. Brooks Clark
In order to bring the hallowed Army-Navy game to the Rose Bowl, the organizers in Pasadena had to promise to transport, house and feed the entire student bodies and support groups of both...

December 05, 1983 | Bill Kilkenny
The source of the name of the game—almost any game—is usually easy to figure out. You would be correct, for instance, if, knowing nothing about football, you were to deduce that the game involves...

December 05, 1983 | Craig Neff
A North Carolina State coed won both the NCAA and TAC championships

December 05, 1983 | Jim Kaplan
The city game made a celebrated comeback at New York University

December 05, 1983 | Roger Jackson

December 05, 1983 | Roger Jackson
RON HARPER: The sophomore forward scored a game-high 26 points and had 13 rebounds as Miami (Ohio) upset Indiana 63-57 in Bloomington. It was the Hoosiers' first loss to the Redskins in 40 years.

December 05, 1983 | Anthony Cotton
All bets were off when the Utah Jazz played their first game in Nevada

December 05, 1983 | Curry Kirkpatrick

December 05, 1983 | Franz Lidz
David McCagg occasionally feels old enough to have seen diplodocuses flopping about in the primal sea. He's 25, which makes him a first cousin to the dinosaur in the pool of competitive swimming....

December 05, 1983 | Compiled by ROB BUCHANAN
PRO BASKETBALL—Some called it slow-Moe, but it was more like no más. With 1:12 left to play and Portland leading 146-111, frustrated Denver Coach Doug Moe found out that the Trail Blazers' team...

December 05, 1983
2, 3—Graham Finlayson (left), Rob Brown (top right), Tony Duffy4—Manny Millan15—Tony Triolo (top) Mike Maple18—Illustration by Sam Q. Weissman20, 21 Tony Tomsic (left, center, right), Manny Millan...

December 05, 1983
EDDIE LAVELLEFOUNTAIN VALLEY, CALIF.Eddie, 12, won an age-group double at the TAC Nationals in Dayton with his victories in the 1,500 (4:36) and 3,000 (9:54) meters for boys 10 to 12. He was also...

December 05, 1983 | Edited by Gay Flood
Sir:Thank you for two exceptional articles by William Nack on Roberto Duran ("," Nov. 7, and , Nov. 21). What really has me elated, however, is that, with those two issues, my collection of SI...