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December 19, 1983 | Volume 59, Issue 26

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John Riggins Cover - Sports Illustrated December 19, 1983

December 19, 1983 | Paul Zimmerman

December 19, 1983 | Jill Lieber
The Miracle Machine recharged the arm of Terry Bradshaw, who juiced up the Steelers' playoff prospects.

December 19, 1983 | Jack Falla
The NCAA soccer final was a sweet vision for defending champ Indiana and an OT nightmare for Columbia, gem of the Ivies

December 19, 1983 | Alexander Wolff

December 19, 1983 | Rick Telander

December 19, 1983 | Steve Wulf

December 19, 1983 | Robert L. Miller
One of our most popular features is FACES IN THE CROWD, which for 28 years has been saluting outstanding achievers—famous athletes at first, but now all in the outback of sport—local heroes who...

December 19, 1983 | Alexander Wolff
Iowa stumbled last week, but its new coach was keeping his cool

December 19, 1983 | Roger Jackson

December 19, 1983 | Roger Jackson
KARL (Mailman) MALONE: The sophomore center scored 85 points, made 34 of 52 shots from the floor and had 27 rebounds as Louisiana Tech beat Centenary, Northwestern (La.) State and Kent State.

December 19, 1983 | Herm Weiskopf
It was no surprise that free agent Dave Parker (right) bolted the Pirates for a two-year, $1.6 million contract with the Reds. What was surprising was Parker himself: When he showed up at...

December 19, 1983 | Herm Weiskopf
JOHN McHALE: In a three-way deal that sent Scott Sanderson (6-7, 4.65 ERA) to Chicago, the Montreal president obtained lefthanded Reliever Gary Lucas (2.87 ERA, 17 saves) from San Diego.

December 19, 1983 | Herm Weiskopf
Some of the most important people at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville last week were the hotel lobbymen, the folks who spend hours casting about for someone to trade with, swap info with or merely...

December 19, 1983 | E.M. Swift
It was like '80 all over again as the U.S. Olympic team beat the Soviets 5-4

December 19, 1983 | John Garrity

December 19, 1983 | Robert W. Creamer
What are we to make of Peter Gent, onetime wide receiver and tight end of the Dallas Cowboys, whose third novel, The Franchise (Villard Books, $16.95), was published last month? Gent's first...

December 19, 1983 | Salvatore Gentile
It sure isn't the same anymore at the old gym. It used to reek of liniment and sweat, and the stairs echoed with grunts all the way down to the street. You kept your gear rolled up in a damp towel...

December 19, 1983
2, 3—Jacqueline Duvoisin (top left), George Tiedemann (top right), Jerry Wachter4—(top to bottom) Fred Comegys Jr., Ken Randolph, Dennis Oda, Charlotte Kappler, Lew Stamp (2)9—Manny Millan10—John...

December 19, 1983 | Compiled By IVAN MAISEL
PRO BASKETBALL—New Jersey Guard Otis Bird-song and Dallas Forward Mark Aguirre each sang themselves a winning rendition of Happy Birthday to You. Birdsong celebrated turning 28 with 10...

December 19, 1983
ANTHONY BROWNSALEM, N.J.Anthony, a 205-pound senior at Salem High, rushed for 235 yards on 27 carries and scored three touchdowns to lead the 9-0-2 Rams past Woodstown 41-6. His first TD broke...

December 19, 1983 | Edited by Gay Flood
ONE MORE FOR THE CHAMPSir:Regarding Muhammad Ali's record 28 covers (19TH HOLE, Dec. 5), I believe the number should be 29. A check through my collection revealed that Ali (Clay) also appeared on...

December 19, 1983 | Edited By Jerry Kirshenbaum

December 19, 1983 | Edited By Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Larry Shenk, Phillies public relations man, on the team's purge of veteran players: "Without Rose, Perez and Morgan, I save 10 pages in my press guide."