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January 09, 1984 | Volume 60, Issue 1

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Keith Griffin Cover - Sports Illustrated January 09, 1984

January 09, 1984 | Robert L. Miller
More than once we've had occasion to mention an editorial position here at SI called the "final reader," more commonly known around the office as the "late reader." The late reader is our last...

January 09, 1984 | John Underwood

January 09, 1984 | Ralph Wiley
In the countdown to the Super Bowl, Washington unveiled a formidable offense, routing Los Angeles 51-7

January 09, 1984 | Jack McCallum
Wasn't there something a little ignoble about the San Francisco 49ers' celebration after they beat the Detroit Lions 24-23 last Saturday? They fell down in ecstasy all over Candlestick Park,...

January 09, 1984 | Barry McDermott
Although the Seahawks have a ferocious looking raptor on their helmets, they figured to be duck soup for the Dolphins. After all, Seattle had a regular-season record of 9-7 and an unheralded...

January 09, 1984 | Paul Zimmerman
Before the Los Angeles Raiders get carried away celebrating their 38-10 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC semifinal Sunday in the Coliseum, they should heed this bit of perspective...

January 09, 1984 | Franz Lidz

January 09, 1984 | E.M. Swift
Coach Tom McVie of the Devils has one more hellish team to holler at

January 09, 1984 | Anthony Cotton
Chicago won seven straight after popular Reggie Theus was benched

January 09, 1984 | Steve Wulf
Brent Rushlaw is the best—and brashest—U.S. two-man bobsled driver

January 09, 1984 | Alexander Wolff
Benny Anders and Braxton Clark quit Houston over a lack of light

January 09, 1984 | Herm Weiskopf

January 09, 1984 | Herm Weiskopf
WAYMAN TISDALE: Oklahoma's 6'9" forward broke Wilt Chamberlain's single-game Big Eight scoring record of 52 points with 61—on 24 of 34 shooting—in a 112-72 blowout of Texas-San Antonio.

January 09, 1984 | Bil Gilbert

January 09, 1984 | Greg Myre
Before we knew about girls, my best friend in sixth grade, David Long, and I eagerly gathered every available artifact pertaining to our sports heroes. Bubblegum cards, autographs and publicity...

January 09, 1984
1—John Iacono2, 3—Andy Hayt9—Illustration by Sam Q. Weissman12—Lane Stewart20, 21—Jerry Wachter (bottom right), John Iacono (2)22—Jerry Wachter (top left), George Tiedemann (bottom right)23,...

January 09, 1984 | Compiled by IVAN MAISEL
PRO BASKETBALL—The rap against rookie Ralph Sampson has been that he stays outside too much. But last week the 7'4" Sampson showed he can do the inside job, and against no less an opponent than...

January 09, 1984
WALLY STUDERRUPERT, IDAHOStuder, 22, a dairy farmer, became the fourth person ever to roll sanctioned ambidextrous 300s. He bowled a left-handed 300 at Magic Bowl in Twin Falls four years after...

January 09, 1984 | Edited by Gay Flood
SPORTSWOMAN OF THE YEARSir:Excellent choice! Mary Decker is the consummate athlete: gifted, dedicated, resilient. She's also an inspiration. She has shown us that there's a place in this world for...

January 09, 1984 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

January 09, 1984 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Frank Layden, the once corpulent Utah Jazz coach, who has shed 60 pounds: "I've always had a great body. It was inside the one everybody saw."