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February 06, 1984 | Volume 60, Issue 5

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Rosalynn Summers Cover - Sports Illustrated February 06, 1984

February 06, 1984 | William Oscar Johnson
The company, which was founded in the mid-1940s in the Alps of Slovenia, the extreme northwestern province of Yugoslavia, has its roots in war as surely as Krupp ever did. But it makes skis, not...

February 06, 1984
2, 3—Heinz Kluetmeier4, 13—Lane Stewart16—Illustration by Sam Q. Weissman18, 19—George Tiedemann, Manny Millan (right)20, 21—Jacqueline Duvoisin22—Richard Mackson (left)23, 24, 25—Andy Hayt34,...

February 06, 1984
CHRIS PRYORCONVERSE, TEXASChris, a 5'11", 195-pound senior at Judson High, ran for 2,800 yards and 35 touchdowns to lead the 15-1 Rockets to the AAAAA state football title. He broke by 389 yards...

February 06, 1984 | Compiled by IVAN MAISEL
PRO BASKETBALL—Boston stretched its Atlantic Division lead to five games over Philadelphia by beating the 76ers 102-98. The Sixers played without center Moses Malone, who had turned an ankle in...

February 06, 1984
SHOE COUNTSir:After reading Foot Soldiers of Fortune in your Jan. 23 issue, I decided to see who won the "sneaker war" in the rest of the issue. Here is my unofficial tally of individual sneakers...

February 06, 1984 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

February 06, 1984 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Lee Stern, owner of the Chicago Sting, on the fact that NASL attendance is declining as participation in youth soccer continues to grow: "If 12-year-olds could drive, we wouldn't have any problems."

February 06, 1984 | Craig Neff
With back to the wall and shaky runway underfoot, Carl Lewis electrified New York's Millrose Games with a world indoor record leap of 28'10¼"

February 06, 1984 | Curry Kirkpatrick
In his 42nd and final season at DePaul, coach Ray Meyer was 16-0 with a team that refuses to quit

February 06, 1984 | Anthony Cotton
When it came to throwing it down in the NBA Slam-Dunk Championship, no player had better stuff than Larry Nance

February 06, 1984 | William Oscar Johnson
Next week, when they light the torch at the '84 Games, among the 1,579 competitors will be the finest U.S. Winter Olympic team ever assembled

February 06, 1984 | Kenny Moore

February 06, 1984 | Robert L. Miller
All of us at SI—along with countless Olympic officials and athletes who have dealt with her over the past 10 Olympics, winter and summer—are keenly aware that associate editor Anita Verschoth is...

February 06, 1984 | Anita Verschoth
If you're going to the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo later this month, you'd better pack your appetite. The native cuisine is nothing if not tasty, and there are a goodly number of restaurants in...

February 06, 1984 | Bob Ottum

February 06, 1984 | William Taaffe
ABC will cover Sarajevo with a dazzling assortment of futuristic gadgets

February 06, 1984 | Robert Sullivan
Out of tiny Kiens in the Südtirol comes Paul Hildgartner to take aim at an Olympic singles luge victory. Other Europeans hoping to win gold at Sarajevo: an East German speed skater and a Yugoslav...

February 06, 1984 | Anita Verschoth
In the vast indoor skating arena of Dresden's Sportclub Einheit, three small children are carefully tracing loops and figure eights, an enchanting sight in a place so cold and forbidding....

February 06, 1984 | William Oscar Johnson
His name is Bojan Križaj (pronounced boy-an kree-shy), and when the Winter Olympics begin in Sarajevo, no other athlete in all of the Balkans will be under more pressure than this stocky young man...

February 06, 1984 | William Oscar Johnson
Bojan Krizžaj certainly isn't the first home-country athlete to be subjected to such Olympic pressure. It happens every four years. What's extraordinary is the way beleaguered local competitors...

February 06, 1984 | Anita Verschoth
SPEED SKATINGWith one exception, speed skating figures to be dominated by athletes from traditional strongholds: the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, the U.S.S.R. and East Germany. The exception is...

February 06, 1984 | Michael Baughman
Fifteen years ago my wife, Hilde, and I decided we needed a vigorous winter sport. So we took up cross-country skiing. We were able to outfit ourselves with adequate skis, boots, bindings and...

February 06, 1984 | Bill Stieg
Terence Stansbury, a 6'5" guard, is the lead man in a revival at Temple

February 06, 1984 | Roger Jackson

February 06, 1984 | Roger Jackson
CHARLES BARKLEY: Auburn's 6'6" junior center scored 37 points, made 16 of 22 shots from the floor, had 26 rebounds and blocked 11 shots as the Tigers beat Tennessee and upset Louisiana State.

February 06, 1984 | Bob Ottum