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March 05, 1984 | Volume 60, Issue 10

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Magic Johnson Cover - Sports Illustrated March 05, 1984

March 05, 1984 | Bruce Newman
The newly resurgent Lakers delivered a playoff message by beating Boston in L.A. and the champion Sixers in Philly

March 05, 1984 | Ralph Wiley
The New Jersey Generals now have more than Herschel Walker, as they proved in a win against Birmingham

March 05, 1984 | Dan Levin
Running back Mike Rozier, a.k.a. Mike Heisman and the Franchise, the 22-year-old former Nebraska star with the $3.1 million Pittsburgh Maulers contract and an almost eerie lack of pretentiousness,...

March 05, 1984 | Curry Kirkpatrick
Led by brawny center Jim Rowinski, the unheralded Boilermakers muscled past the Fighting Illini into the Big Ten lead

March 05, 1984 | Ed Burns
"There's no license or anything saying how old you have to be to play." Indiana coach Bobby Knight told a luncheon audience last November. "You can be 18 years old and play the game well, or you...

March 05, 1984 | William Nack

March 05, 1984 | Robert L. Miller
Until 1977, when he was temporarily assigned to report on Los Angeles' bid for the 1984 Summer Olympics, Ken Reich's beat for the Los Angeles Times had been politics. Of course, L.A. got the...

March 05, 1984 | Jaime Diaz
Iona guard Steve Burtt excels at his game to counteract his sadness

March 05, 1984 | Roger Jackson

March 05, 1984 | Roger Jackson
CHRIS MULLIN: St. John's 6'6" senior swingman had 48 points, making 18 of 30 from the field and 12 of 13 from the line; he got eight rebounds and five steals as the Redmen beat Georgetown and...

March 05, 1984 | Robert Sullivan
Ilie Nastase was more patsy than Nasty in Romania's loss to the U.S.

March 05, 1984 | Sarah Pileggi
A German donna was prima in the SORC, the No. 1 regatta in the U.S.

March 05, 1984 | Craig Neff
A former ballerina and a Lewis who wasn't Carl lit up the TAC meet

March 05, 1984 | Kenneth Reich

March 05, 1984 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

March 05, 1984 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Don DeVoe, Tennessee basketball coach, asked about his team's seeming paucity of shooters: "I have plenty of shooters. I just don't have many makers."

March 05, 1984
2, 3—José Azel/Contact, Jerry Wachter, Andy Hayt4—Long Photography7—Illustration by Sam Q. Weissman12, 13—Jerry Wachter14, 15—Richard Mackson (left), Andy Hayt16, 17—Manny Rubio18, 19—Heinz...

March 05, 1984
KEVIN WALLSCAMDEN, N.J.Kevin, a 6'2", 180-pound senior guard for the Camden High basketball team, through Sunday was averaging 45.5 points per game for the 26-0 Panthers. He had a high game of 81,...

March 05, 1984 | Compiled by IVAN MAISEL
PRO BASKETBALL—All that Jazz jive has begun to quiet down now that Utah has begun to cool down. The Midwest Division-leading Jazz, 7-8 since the All-Star break, was only three games ahead of...

March 05, 1984 | Edited by Gay Flood
Sir:I want to congratulate Anita Verschoth on the fine job she did with her Olympic Medal Forecast (Feb. 6). Unlike William Oscar Johnson and many other Americans who had high hopes for as many as...