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April 09, 1984 | Volume 60, Issue 15

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Michael Graham Cover - Sports Illustrated April 09, 1984

April 09, 1984 | Stephen Jay Gould
Ty Cobb, misusing a metaphor from my own profession of evolutionary biology, wrote in his autobiography: "Baseball is a red-blooded sport for red-blooded men.... It's a contest and everything that...

April 09, 1984 | Edited by Gay Flood
YOGI'S BACKSir:Thanks for Walter Iooss Jr.'s photograph of Yogi Berra's back on the cover of your Special Baseball Issue (April 2). What a nifty idea! But tell me, has SI ever before featured...

April 09, 1984 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
HAVE THEY EVERA final note from the World Cup ski circuit. As members of the U.S. women's team wended their way by car from Lake Placid to the next World Cup race site at Waterville Valley, N.H.,...

April 09, 1984 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Gene Shue, Washington Bullets coach, commenting on star center Jeff Ruland: "Without him we're an average team. In fact, with him we're an average team."

April 09, 1984 | Curry Kirkpatrick
Deep and talented Georgetown used fierce defense and unselfish offense to defeat Houston and take the NCAA title

April 09, 1984 | Peter Hawthorne

April 09, 1984 | Barry McDermott
After a string of spiritless losses, the burning question in tennis is: What's wrong with Andrea Jaeger?

April 09, 1984 | Robert L. Miller
Associate writer Barry McDermott remembers the first time he saw Andrea Jaeger, at the junior Orange Bowl tournament in 1978. She was 13—all of 80 pounds, barely 5 feet tall—and was tearing up the...

April 09, 1984 | Jill Lieber
USC won its second straight NCAA women's title

April 09, 1984 | Dan Jenkins
Fred Couples coolly claimed the TPC on a revamped, docile layout

April 09, 1984 | William Nack
A tough son of Seattle Slew won Woody Stephens a Florida Derby

April 09, 1984 | Craig Neff
The Olympic hopes of youth and age were served at the indoor nationals

April 09, 1984 | Robert F. Jones
One side effect of the concern about the environment that has swept America in recent years has been the proliferation of guidebooks to what used to be called "the wonders of nature." The three...

April 09, 1984 | Pat Putnam

April 09, 1984 | Sam Moses
Mario Andretti staved off a foreign foray as Long Beach went Indy

April 09, 1984 | Bruce Newman

April 09, 1984 | Michael Baughman
For a long time now—ever since distance running came into high fashion—I've been searching for the perfect run. I've entered events (and have several drawersful of T shirts to prove it) ranging in...

April 09, 1984 | Katharine Merlin
Some girls are horse-crazy the way others are boy-crazy. Actually, I don't think those inclinations are mutually exclusive, because I remember being intrigued by both horses and boys when I was...

April 09, 1984
2, 3—Rich Clarkson13—Buck Miller16—Illustration by Sam Q. Weissman24, 25—Mark Shearman26, 27—Peter Magubane/Gamma Liaison (top left), Mark Shearman (bottom left), Cloete Breytenbach (2)28, 33—Mark...

April 09, 1984 | Compiled by JOY DUCKETT CAIN
COLLEGE BASKETBALL—GEORGETOWN defeated Houston 84-75 to win the NCAA men's title in Seattle (page 18).

April 09, 1984
LARRY FARRARECAMBRIDGE, MD.Farrare, 35, a 6'2" senior swingman for Maryland-Eastern Shore, is believed to be the country's oldest major-college basketball player. He had worked for eight years as...