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May 21, 1984 | Volume 60, Issue 20

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated May 21, 1984

May 21, 1984 | Jeremiah Tax
It works just like the formation of mountain chains. As the earth's plates shift beneath the continents, there is a resulting upthrust of rock that becomes towering peaks. Likewise, as each year's...

May 21, 1984 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

May 21, 1984 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Fortney H. (Pete) Stark, Democratic Congressman from Oakland, on the Soviet withdrawal from the Olympics: "I don't blame them. Los Angeles probably would steal their athletes just like they stole...

May 21, 1984 | Kenneth Reich

May 21, 1984 | William Taaffe
When the Soviet Union turned its back on the Olympics on May 8, traders at the New York Stock Exchange began saying nyet to the American Broadcasting Company, which has a huge financial stake in...

May 21, 1984 | Robert Sullivan
If you don't think boycotts ruin Olympic competitions, then you haven't heard about the 1980 Zimbabwe women's field hockey team. When the Carter boycott siphoned off five of the six teams...

May 21, 1984 | Kenny Moore
The members of the U.S. men's volleyball team were bruised, aching, soaked and singing. In Kharkov, the Ukraine, the U.S.S.R., they'd just beaten the Soviets for the first time in 16 years. The...

May 21, 1984 | William Oscar Johnson
There was worldwide disagreement last week over the prognosis for the battered body Olympic, following its latest beating by international boycotters. Was the victim still showing vital signs, or...

May 21, 1984 | Pat Putnam
Though Sugar Ray got up and won his comeback, he called it quits

May 21, 1984 | Robert L. Miller
Few in America could have felt more distress over the Soviet Olympic pullout—news and analysis of which occupy a substantial part of this issue—than SI associate editor Anita Verschoth. She loves...

May 21, 1984 | Bruce Newman

May 21, 1984 | Sam Moses
With a heart-stopping qualifying run, Tom Sneva won the Indy pole

May 21, 1984 | Bill Stieg
Albert Ahronheim is a composer laboring in relative obscurity in Brooklyn. Joe Carl is the band director at Central Kitsap High School in Silverdale, Wash., a community of about 1,500 on the...

May 21, 1984 | Anthony Cotton
Milwaukee has not gone wrong since heeding coach Don Nelson's song

May 21, 1984 | Kenny Moore
Gutty Joan Benoit won the U.S. trial for the first women's Olympic race

May 21, 1984 | Bruce Anderson
Scott Bankhead and B.J. Surhoff put the charge in No. 3 Carolina

May 21, 1984 | Henry Hecht
The Orioles, who started so slowly, have won 13 of 16 and gained one measly game and a half on the Tigers, who led them by 9½ at week's end. But the world champs are convinced they'll prevail.

May 21, 1984 | Henry Hecht
Terry Kennedy, the Padres' All-Star catcher, has decided to let everyone know he's no fan of Dick Williams. Kennedy says he's tired of his manager second-guessing his pitch selection.

May 21, 1984 | Henry Hecht
The Mets' 19-year-old righthander, Dwight Gooden, appears to be a strong candidate to succeed teammate Darryl Strawberry as the National League's Rookie of the Year. He has a fastball in the...

May 21, 1984 | Henry Hecht
MARIO SOTO: The Cincinnati righthander became the 27th pitcher in big league history to come within one out of a no-hitter, allowing a two-out, ninth-inning homer in a 2-1 win over St. Louis.

May 21, 1984 | Frank Deford
Whether you like this fantasy may depend on how well you know baseball

May 21, 1984 | Gary Smith
<b><i>One of the major casualties of the Soviet boycott of the Olympics is Vladimir Salnikov, the finest distance freestyler in the world—and an exemplar of his country's culture, as '72...

May 21, 1984 | Helen Mack Thomas
I wasn't too startled recently when, during a televised review of baseball's history, I saw a closeup of my uncle Connie Mack in a box seat watching a World Series game at Yankee Stadium. It was...

May 21, 1984
2, 3—Ronald C. Modra4—Alain Morvan11—Illustration by Sam Q. Weissman14—Daniel Forster (left), Peter Simons16, 17—Walter Iooss Jr. © 1984 Fuji Film U.S.A., Inc.18—José Azel/Contact for Time19—Brad...

May 21, 1984

May 21, 1984 | Compiled by JOY DUCKETT CAIN

May 21, 1984 | Edited by Gay Flood
THE STRIPER AND ACID RAIN (CONT.)Sir:Congratulations on Robert H. Boyle's blockbuster article A Rain of Death on the Striper? (April 23). I will make a prediction that this article will do more...