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June 25, 1984 | Volume 60, Issue 26

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Carl Lewis Cover - Sports Illustrated June 25, 1984

June 25, 1984 | Robert Towne
The marathon race is the only event of the modern or ancient Olympics, as far as I know, that is taken from recorded history. One long September day in 490 B.C., 10,000 Athenians battled 100,000...

June 25, 1984 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

June 25, 1984 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Ray Perkins, Alabama football coach, asked if his wife resents his 18-hour workdays: "I don't know. I don't see her that much."

June 25, 1984 | Kenny Moore

June 25, 1984 | Dan Jenkins
A loose and laughing Fuzzy Zoeller won the U.S. Open in a breeze after Greg Norman's miraculous fourth-round finish forced an 18-hole playoff

June 25, 1984 | Pat Putnam
By stopping Roberto Duran in two rounds, Thomas Hearns retained his crown and regained his nickname

June 25, 1984 | Robert L. Miller
We're used to it now here at the office: Zing, there goes picture researcher Donna Tsufura sprinting down the halls. Tsufura, 24, is intent on getting everything done five minutes ago. It's...

June 25, 1984 | Anthony Cotton
The Boston Celtics, the team Red Auerbach built, beat the Los Angeles Lakers in the seventh game to capture Red's 15th world championship

June 25, 1984 | Ron Fimrite
His drug problem behind him, Montreal centerfielder Tim (Rock) Raines is now one of baseball's best all-around players

June 25, 1984 | Franz Lidz
San Francisco's Duane Kuiper has hit one home run in nine seasons

June 25, 1984 | Henry Hecht
Baltimore leftfielder Gary Roenicke hit a grand slam home run with two out in the eighth inning against New York in Yankee Stadium on Sunday. The homer won a game for pitcher Mike Flanagan and $1...

June 25, 1984 | Henry Hecht
My favorite player retired Saturday. Lou Piniella, whose first year with the Yankees (1974) was my first as a baseball writer, took the game seriously but not himself. "I'm an expansion player,"...

June 25, 1984 | Henry Hecht
Oakland's Joe Morgan, one of the best defensive second basemen in history, claims the smallest glove in the majors. It fits easily inside a standard infielder's model (above). "I got the idea from...

June 25, 1984 | Henry Hecht
HUBIE BROOKS: The Mets' third baseman went 12 for 25 with three homers and eight RBIs as New York won five of seven games. The performance raised his season average 21 points to .310.

June 25, 1984 | Ralph Wiley
The Stars, winners of 14 straight, are shooting for a USFL championship

June 25, 1984 | William Leggett
Just eight days after his great Belmont victory, Swale, the top 3-year-old in the country, fell dead

June 25, 1984 | William Leggett
Woody Stephens's Miss Oceana was in there trying in the second leg of New York's Triple Crown for fillies, last Saturday's $217,700 Mother Goose Stakes at Belmont, but then along came Life's...

June 25, 1984 | Franz Lidz
"My style is like the way I talk," says artist-athlete Ernie Barnes, "but in paint." That is not exactly true. Barnes is an exceedingly soft-spoken conversationalist, but his paintings seem to...

June 25, 1984 | Frank Deford

June 25, 1984 | Sarah Pileggi
The best-laid schemes of mice, men and Olympic athletes often go awry these days, but Ginny Gilder, 26, has seen more than the usual number of snafus. She was a member of the U.S. Olympic rowing...

June 25, 1984 | E. M. Swift
Next month at the Dayton International Airshow & Trade Exhibition—known simply as the Dayton Air Fair until 1982—some 150,000 spectators will turn their eyes skyward to witness the...

June 25, 1984
2, 3—Jerry Wachter, Carl Skalak (inset)4—George Tiedemann17—Karl Schumacher/The White House20—Illustration by Sam Q. Weissman22, 23—Heinz Kluetmeier/ABC Sports24, 25—Rich Clarkson26—Heinz...

June 25, 1984 | Compiled by JOY DUCKETT CAIN

June 25, 1984
ANDREA FRYEKNOXVILLE, TENN.Andrea, 9, had a league-leading 35 goals and six hat tricks, including one seven-goal game and three in which she had six goals, as she led the coed Rams to the Squirt...

June 25, 1984 | Edited by Gay Flood
BOBBY BROWN'S BALLSir:As I glanced at the photograph of Phil Niekro demonstrating the grip of his famous knuckleball (Knucksie Hasn't Lost His Grip, June 4), I noticed that the ball bore the...