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November 12, 1984 | Volume 61, Issue 22

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated November 12, 1984

November 12, 1984 | Ralph Keyes
The year was 1905, and the occasion was a football game between Penn and Swarthmore College at Philadelphia's Franklin Field. By game's end, as legend has it, the face of American football had...

November 12, 1984 | Franz Lidz
Dust rose listlessly Sunday into the hot, hazy, milk-white Mississippi afternoon. On the field at Mississippi Memorial Stadium in Jackson, time passed with inexorable relentlessness for...

November 12, 1984 | Gary Smith
The old question still haunts Larry Brown, though he's shown signs that coaching at Kansas could be the last stop in his odyssey

November 12, 1984 | William Jaspersohn
The best racing oars are not manufactured, as might be expected, in some high-tech European rowingwerk. No, the oar that has cornered the U.S. collegiate and national racing market is handcrafted...

November 12, 1984 | Robert H. Boyle
After years of following baseball and occasionally dipping into the sciences, I have arrived at these conclusions: Great mathematicians are like fastball pitchers. They're at their peak in their...

November 12, 1984 | Compiled by BRUCE ANDERSON
PRO BASKETBALL—With Walter Davis's knee in a cast and Maurice Lucas's contract in limbo, Phoenix faced plenty of difficulties. Then Suns guard Kyle Macy stubbed his toe and was sidelined. No...

November 12, 1984
DAVE BENSONLITTLETON, COLO.Benson, 28, the first-year tennis coach at Cherry Creek High, led the Bruins to their 13th straight state title, equaling the national boys' high school record. He was...

November 12, 1984 | Edited by Gay Flood
HANG TIMESir:Basketball! When played well, it's the most beautifully orchestrated and artistic sport I know of, and Tony Kornheiser's article They've Got The Hang Of It (Oct. 29) underscores that...

November 12, 1984 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

November 12, 1984 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Orlando Pizzolato, surprise winner of the 1984 New York City Marathon, upon being told that his prizes included a new Mercedes: "My god, gas costs so much."

November 12, 1984 | Paul Zimmerman
Pro football is hurting, but it needn't be. The author names the ills and prescribes some remedies

November 12, 1984 | William Taaffe

November 12, 1984 | Barry McDermott
Those are major ingredients of Supercross, the wild invention of Mike Goodwin, who last week brought his cycle circus to the Coliseum

November 12, 1984 | Robert L. Miller
In this Olympic year SPORTS ILLUSTRATED is with this issue having a torch-passing ceremony of its own. Gilbert Rogin, 54, the SI managing editor since 1979, last week became managing editor of our...

November 12, 1984 | Douglas S. Looney
Maybe its conference is WACy, and maybe its players are slow, but BYU is making a serious run—er, pass—at winning the national championship

November 12, 1984 | Alexander Wolff
Alfredo Primavera, an American in Italy, is an expert violinmaker who coaches spaghetti football

November 12, 1984 | E.M. Swift
A one-week demotion left All-Star Buffalo goalie Tom Barrasso steaming

November 12, 1984 | Lisa Twyman
Spectator sports are drowning in The Wave. It is transforming stadiums into beach-front properties with such regularity these days that some people wish it would just go back out to sea.

November 12, 1984 | Rick Telander
Seattle's strong safety Ken Easley is a high-powered punt returner, too

November 12, 1984 | Jill Lieber
Martha Rogers, owner and president of Rogers Tour & Travel in Rochester, N.Y., really had no choice. Ten days before Sunday's Bills-Browns game featuring two teams with a combined record of...

November 12, 1984 | Jill Lieber
John Jefferson probably won't be in a Green Bay uniform next season. Though still a starter, the 28-year-old All-Pro receiver may have worked himself out of the Packers' future game plan....

November 12, 1984 | Jill Lieber
Denver's Rich Karlis, who kicks barefoot because it gives him a better feel for the ball, has quite a few fans walking around town with one shoe off, one shoe on. "I'm flattered," says Karlis, a...

November 12, 1984 | Jill Lieber
OFFENSE: Ali Haji-Sheikh broke out of a season-long slump with field goals of 40, 38, 23 and 27 yards to pace the 6-4 New York Giants to a 19-7 victory in Dallas and a share of first place in the...

November 12, 1984 | William Nack
Champion Bill Costello pleased his hometown by foiling Saoul Mamby

November 12, 1984 | Alexander Wolff
Schoolboy star Hart Lee Dykes has already made two halls of fame

November 12, 1984 | N. Brooks Clark

November 12, 1984 | N. Brooks Clark
OFFENSE: Fullback Gene Lake carried 27 times for 232 yards and six TDs as Delaware State romped over Howard 45-7. With 1,386 yards on the season, Lake is the No. 1 rusher in Division I-AA.